all the world dead without stories

Books and books and more books, oh my. I was running out of space on my bookshelf, so… I decided to rearrange all of my things on a whim. That I regretted once I got everything out and wondered to myself how on earth was I going to get everything back in place again.

So many dangerous and wobbly towers of books

I… think I have more manga than actual books.

This is only one bookshelf… I don’t have the strength to tackle the other one.

And here’s the still very messy result… *dum dum dum*

Top shelf:

I wish I could sort my books according to genre or author, but there’s not enough space, so at the moment, I’m working with the ‘if it fits, it sits’ philosophy.

Second shelf:

Despite my love for Neil Gaiman books, I don’t really have a lot of them. American Gods was the first Gaiman book, and it is such a fantastic book to reread. It never fails to bring me to tears repeatedly.

Also I finally got my hands on that David Mitchell book, Back Story :D

Empty and not so empty Tarot/Oracle deck boxes! Plus one very random Yu-Gi-Oh deck I got for my 13th birthday from my clique. That was actually my first birthday present ever, I think…

Third shelf:

My occult texts~ So many half read ones, plus I study in a very haphazard manner, since paganism is such a broad path to walk. You can cartwheel and do backflips and still not fall off the path.

And all the other books that are too large to fit in to the other shelves. Mainly magazines and comic books and a couple of those musician band books.

Fourth shelf:

Yup, I buy a lot of different series. And I still have many unread ones, if you can see the unopened wrappers around the books.

Most of my manga are supernatural/action & adventure/comedy series. I don’t really go for shoujo, but if I do, they usually have fantastic art. Oh who am I kidding, everything that I read must look pretty enough to attract my attention in the first place.

Fifth shelf:

More miscellaneous books

Sixth shelf:

I try to sort all the books from the same publishers together and if possible I’ll alphabetize the authors’ last names, so it looks like one coherent section instead of a haphazard mess.

Aaaand all my various textbooks from different modules taken during my university years. I don’t like throwing away books, and I don’t have anyone who needs them so I guess they just end up gathering dust on my bookshelf.


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