all you do in life goes back to you

Old news, but I’m just frigging happy that Roy Khan is back, and even though he’s no longer with Kamelot, he’s reformed Conception.

Anyway, let me just fangirl a little over this old concert video – I’ve listened to it a few times over the years, but it’s always so good!!

I remembered the other live video that was available on Youtube, and maaaaan, that was kinda crappy, with the audio and mixing and I believe Khan wasn’t in a good condition then.

This one is magical for me. The sheer emotional depth, and the tight control he has over his voice… so good! The vocalisation he did for Edge of Paradise was gorgeous, and I am ashamed to say that I didn’t quite pick them up in the cd recording, since it was mixed into the background. I didn’t even know he did the vocals for the high background parts – I simply assumed that there were backing vocals/choir…

Of course, the ballads were definitely a favourite as well. Abandoned was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, you can hear the range of emotions conveyed through the song from his voice alone. Gods above, I could get drunk on those low dark tones…

*deep voice* hey.

I should have watched Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse back in December when it first came out, but somehow, my usual movie compatriots abandoned me, and I only ended up catching the movie yesterday.

And it was ah-mazing. Like, I would have called it my favourite movie of 2018, had I watched it in 2018. But that’s okay, it is still great. Sure, I’m not calling it flawless, but dude, I enjoyed the heck out of this.

Okay, quick run through of the things I didn’t really like:

– The pacing: The build up vs the conclusion. It felt rushed at the end, and everything got tied up so easily??

– Not enough character development: They threw in Peni Parker (shoujo spidey), Spiderman Noir & Spider-Pig, but it felt like they weren’t given any attention beyond broad strokes of characterisation. Perhaps to the readers of the comic series, they were familiar and had actual personalities, but idk, as a casual movie goer, what I gleaned was shallow, and you might as well not include them inside…?

– Shipping: Look, I’m a shipper, I ship tons of random characters together for no real good reason at times. But for this movie? Please don’t pair up Miles & Gwen. Please don’t. I just want them to all be good friends and be a spider fam. That’s all – romantic love need no apply because platonic works fine.

Things that were awesome:

Fuck. I liked so many things! XD

– Style: idk, I think people complained about the framerates and shit, and I’m like, are you fucking kidding me. The aesthetics were great. I love the experimental direction that they took, and the animation played a huge part. They managed to bring across the old school comic book feel, and it didn’t feel too overdone. The choice of colours and use of ‘textures’ were great.

– Music: Fucking dope soundtrack. I usually pay attention to soundtracks when I’m inside the theatre, and once I’m out, I rarely go back and sit through the soundtracks because they don’t feel the same without the visual aspect. (Exceptions include: LotR, PotC, and Inception) However, I really like the soundtrack for this. Very infectious, which is a compliment coming from someone who doesn’t listen to the rap/hip-hop genre. Elevate is definitely going onto my playlist :D I love the lyrics for this – inspirational in a way.

Also, they made a Christmas album! How awesome is that! I get to hear Chris Pine sing~ XD The humour shines true here, with the various lyrics changes they made

– Shout-outs: Meta humor is always A+ in my books. The many references and pop culture shout-outs made me very happy. There were the obvious references to the various Spiderman movies, and other references to the voice actors themselves.

– Dialogue: Snappy dialogue is a must, especially when you’re talking about good ol’ Spidey who is supposed to be snarky and has a witty one-liner for any and every solution :p

– Heartwarming moments: I think I like how wholesome everyone is in the movie, barring the villains. But to some extent, you can feel some slight sympathy for the main villain – not a lot because he brought his own misery upon himself, but his motivation is understandable. I think the relationship between Miles and his family, especially with his dad and uncle, were pretty cool. The mom didn’t get enough screentime, but even then, you can feel the family ties between all of them. In a sense, we don’t really have that in the usual Spidey stories, considering that Peter’s parents are dead, and he was raised by his aunt and uncle. And in most universes, the uncle dies, so Peter really only has Aunt May, and it is lovely to see how welcoming Aunt May is to the various incarnations of Spiderman. She accepts all of them, even though some of them aren’t even alternate Peters.


I used to watch a lot of let’s plays back in the days when it was an upcoming ‘genre’, so I got to discover different types of let’s players, with different styles and personalities.

Somehow I managed to lose track of one of the quirkiest let’s players I’ve watched – raocow. I’ve tried to re-find his videos, but I couldn’t recall his username, and his videos are very… idiosyncratically named…

But yes, making a distinct post so that I can remember which youtuber I meant when I’m thinking of a certain cloudcuckoolander. See example below, for one of the first videos I’ve watched from him.

back to the daily grind

Waking up early is an agony. Waking up early so you can go to work is hell basically.

Would say that I had to mainline coffee so that I can get my brain functioning, but that would be a lie, since caffeine does jackshit for me. My brain chemistry is probably too desensitized to all the caffeine I had as a kid or something.

I did manage to do some work (minute amount, you might say), but that’s still progress! I mean, it’s a three day work week, I just want to slack off until the next weekend arrives >.> #yesiamamodelemployee

To the people who are passionate about their jobs, well done, and now, fuck off because you wouldn’t be able to commiserate with us miserable folks.

Yeah, this is such a classy post, amirite.

To-Do List

The usual New Year’s resolutions tend to be forgotten within the next three months after January (no source, I made that up because I think it sounds plausible), and I know that I’m pretty terrible at keeping these promises to myself. But there are always some items that I would like to complete in 2019.

I do the yearly Goodreads Reading Challenge, and to be honest, there were a couple of years where I failed to meet the goal. I did manage to hit my target of 40 books in 2018 though, so I think I’ll up the ante a little this year and go for a nice round 50. Wouldn’t say that I’m confident that I’d be able to get through 50 books this year, but it’s worth a shot, I guess.

As mentioned in my previous post, we can’t stop learning, so I’m planning to keep myself on-track by adding a ‘study’ category for weekend posts, to follow on whatever new things that I’m trying to pick up. At the moment, I’m trying to conquer the 300 classic Tang poems even though my Mandarin level is getting worse by the day… Other things that I plan to learn properly include: brushing up on divination studies, better penmanship, picking up more languages, and levelling up on the violin and drums.

While we’re all in the digital age, and analog is dead, given that I’m recently on a fountain pen kick, I’ve got to get around to writing more physically. This means using the planner and notebooks that I’ve accumulated over the years.

And because we need to be frivolous, hopefully, I’ll be able to complete some series on my Netflix to watch list. People keep recommending shows to me, and I tell them that said shows are on my to watch list, but I never get around to them…

2019 incoming

The last day of the year – personally, it has been a few months of ups and downs. There were work stresses, clashes with people on a personal level, negative emotions and dark thoughts. But on the other hand, there were also good times and the strong unwavering support from the people around me. After all, no man is an island, and I’m definitely not self-reliant to even think about doing so.

To all the new friends and old friends, thank you for sticking with me, and putting up with my capricious and often annoying self. If I have been insensitive and offended you in any way, please forgive my shortcomings. I hope to be a better friend in the upcoming year, to be someone dependable and responsible.

In the upcoming 2019 (just a few more hours away), here are some reminders:
– Get the rest that you need. There’s no point pushing yourself to work super hard, and then realising that at the end of the day, you’ve only worked yourself to the bone, and you’ve missed out on enjoying the pleasures of life, isn’t that just a shame?
– Don’t be afraid of asking for help. Mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s too easy to accumulate stress and forget that we are all human in the end, and when you do release that mental toil, you might end up lashing out instead. Don’t let it get that far.
– Listen to good music. And support the artists you enjoy! Enough said.
– Never stop learning. Definitely go for classes, investigate more avenues, explore different hobbies, take up new interests, read more, and always stay hungry for knowledge.

As Eames would say, you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

tidings of comfort and joy

happy holidays, season’s greetings, yuletide blessings, merry christmas, so many names to celebrate the winter season with, but nothing better than having some awesome music to play, of course.

01 two steps from hell – christmas medley
02 nightwish – walking in the air
03 tarja turunen – god rest ye merry gentlemen
04 manowar – silent night
05 theocracy – o come o come emmanuel
06 within temptation – gothic christmas
07 marco hietala – ensimmäinen joulu
08 kamelot – we three kings (instrumental)

Gift Ideas For Random People

Happy Yule~ And since it’s the season to be giving, here’s me giving you more bad ideas on what to buy for people when you don’t know what to get them. I’m definitely qualified to do so because… I have loads of random interests and I’m a random person on the internet, and you’re another random person on the internet *shrug*

01 Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen
This is a great starter fountain pen for both kids and adults. And I know, you’re like, why are you recommending fountain pens – how many people use fountain pens on a regular occasion to warrant buying a new pen? But it’s fun, and I think 16 bucks for a starter pen is pretty okay, when you think about those branded luxury fountain pens that go up to the four digits.

02 (and while you’re at it) Pilot Iroshizuku Ink
Preferably these particular colours for the Christmas vibes – Momiji (red) and Shin-Ryoku (green). They’re pretty decently priced, and there’s a huge range of colours available. I’m also pleased that they provide a gift set with 15 ml bottles – which means that you can buy more bottles without feeling that much of a pinch. (Of course, it’s still more cost effective to buy the 50 ml bottles, but when you’re a dabbler of things, do you really think you can finish up 50 ml of inks?? (To compare, I use perfumes on a daily basis, but it takes forever for me to finish up a 50 ml bottle of perfume, so I assume it would be much harder for ink)

03 Joe Lycett’s Parsnips, Buttered: How to Win at Modern Life, One Email at a Time
The latest book that made me laugh too hard in public. To be fair, there were a few anecdotes that were already familiar to me, since I do watch Joe Lycett on panel shows and stand-ups. Which means I can sort of hear his snarky voice enunciating the words. Love the little artworks – I do hope they were done by him.

04 Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Kit
C’mon, Harry Potter is awesome. We all need more Harry Potter related merch in our lives, and this is something affordable and… idk, colouring is supposed to be relaxing for some people? Not in my opinion, but my opinion isn’t everything that counts. So I don’t know why you’re reading a list I wrote.

05 Diptyque Candles (holiday collection)
Instantly classes up someone’s house by adding at least 50 points to maturity. At their price point, they should be telegraphing ‘look at me, I have fancy candles, I eat proper food for dinner instead of cereal. I know what a 401k is (technically not applicable here, but go with me on this), and I can do my own laundry’ to your visitors. And your visitors will nod and look suitably impressed and ask you to sign expensive contracts so you can buy more diptyque candles.

06 The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
No one says that Christmas gifts must be practical, so here’s something that may be nice for your Phoebe friend. You know, that person who dresses like someone who hasn’t had electrical lights installed in their house, instead they use candles (the non-diptyque kind) that smell like patchouli and amber and musk. So, this deck would be great for them to connect with their animalistic side, and let them go on and on about how that one time, they met Brad Pitt or something because they channeled the leopard.

07 Washi Tapes (aaaaallllll of the washi tapes)
So many different designs, so many patterns, so many colours, so many washi tapes out there for all sorts of purpose. You can’t go wrong with giving someone washi tapes when they’re so multi-functional! Plus it’s so budget-friendly, I don’t know why more people don’t give each other washi tapes as gifts, especially when you need to buy something for the whole office and their little dogs.

And if you need to feign delight and joy at receiving crappy gifts, good ol’ Benedict Cucumbersnatch has you covered, with a masterclass, no less!