Things I Love Thursday

Day of Thor, we meet once more…

Went out for a dinner and a couple of drinks with the fellow temps on Monday over at Timbre. It was really pretty fun, and I think it’s kind of cool to be start being friends with the people you work with, instead of just stagnating as acquaintance/colleagues. Somehow I just get along better with them, than with the previous temps.

I finally got around to catching The Amazing Spiderman 2 the other day~ it was very an enjoyable romp, I must admit, with cool visual effects, very cute banter and chemistry between Gwen and Peter, and I like Spidey’s snarky persona. However, the storyline… could have been more well written and more carefully thought out, because it felt as though the evil villains were dumber than usual, with absolutely no rational capabilities. I had such high expectations for Harry… (on the other hand, I was extremely mesmerised by his eyes… Blue eyes are definitely my kryptonite).

4 day work weeks are amazing and they should always be cherished, by sleeping in as late as possible, since I’m always sleep deprived, so thank you, Vesak Day, for existing: In Singapore, Vesak Day was made a public holiday only in 1955 after many public petitions. In the early decades of the 20th century, Vesak Day was associated with the Ceylonese community which then celebrated it along with their National Day in a two-day event. After World War II, there was a movement to make Vesak Day a public holiday, with the Singapore Buddhist Association leading the petitions. (source)

I just basically spent the entire morning catching up with Crash Course Psychology episodes. I’ve always been a terrible science student, not because I didn’t like the subject, because I do, I like learning about the different functions of one’s body/brain, the eco system, chemical reactions and astronomy, but I didn’t like the dry and mathematical parts that we focused on in school. Hank Green explains psychology in layman terms and I think I learn a tad more about the brain than I did before, which was nothing mainly, since I never really did biology… and I only crashed one Psychology lecture in my first sem of university and they talked mainly about the human eye.

While I haven’t been watching much American tv series lately, I found myself watching jdramas again!

Border, starring Oguri Shun, is relatively new, there’s only 5 episodes out at the moment, and I think it’s a pretty interesting spin on the cop sees dead people shtick. I mean, Oguri is calm and very mature about seeing dead people and he doesn’t fall into useless hysterics. Instead he calmly questions these victims and solve the crime backwards ie knowing the identity of the killer and trying to prove it instead of trying to identify the killer.

I’ve also accidentally rewatched Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, accidentally in the sense that I thought I didn’t finish it the last time round, ahahaha. But still, Kame-kun, I somehow still find you good-looking even though you’re not exactly good looking? I mean, I should have grown out of it already, you know! Yamapi has no effect on me, trust me, I tried rewatching Kurosagi and I can’t help cringing. (Maybe I should go for Nobuta wo Produce instead.)

I finally got myself a Kinokuniya card! After so many years mooching off other people, I finally decided that I needed my own… okay, this was a huge incentive, I can’t deny it.

Ta-da~! Isn’t it cute~ It’s the Mirai Suenaga limited edition version, plus it comes with a post-it pad and a cute collectable (?) card.

Lastly, I’m a little sad that it took me so long to get started on Terry Pratchett’s books… I was introduced to the Discworld series in secondary school by my brother (as usual), but I could never get into it. The humour was too… irrelevant (?) to my ignorant teenage self, and I couldn’t get all the references peppered in the text, so I gave up on the series, though I do love the character Death, whom I grew to like in the joint work between Pratchett and Gaiman, Good Omens. And I did read a comic based on Mort (plus Death). And finally, I find myself embarking on the hunt for more Terry Pratchett books, this time, I shall be focusing on one particular character, Sam Vines, of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

Snuff was extremely entertaining, and very witty, with an extensive cast of colourful characters. It also touches upon real world issues in its own way, and I find myself charmed by Pratchett’s style of writing and sense of humour.