all you do in life goes back to you

Old news, but I’m just frigging happy that Roy Khan is back, and even though he’s no longer with Kamelot, he’s reformed Conception.

Anyway, let me just fangirl a little over this old concert video – I’ve listened to it a few times over the years, but it’s always so good!!

I remembered the other live video that was available on Youtube, and maaaaan, that was kinda crappy, with the audio and mixing and I believe Khan wasn’t in a good condition then.

This one is magical for me. The sheer emotional depth, and the tight control he has over his voice… so good! The vocalisation he did for Edge of Paradise was gorgeous, and I am ashamed to say that I didn’t quite pick them up in the cd recording, since it was mixed into the background. I didn’t even know he did the vocals for the high background parts – I simply assumed that there were backing vocals/choir…

Of course, the ballads were definitely a favourite as well. Abandoned was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, you can hear the range of emotions conveyed through the song from his voice alone. Gods above, I could get drunk on those low dark tones…



I used to watch a lot of let’s plays back in the days when it was an upcoming ‘genre’, so I got to discover different types of let’s players, with different styles and personalities.

Somehow I managed to lose track of one of the quirkiest let’s players I’ve watched – raocow. I’ve tried to re-find his videos, but I couldn’t recall his username, and his videos are very… idiosyncratically named…

But yes, making a distinct post so that I can remember which youtuber I meant when I’m thinking of a certain cloudcuckoolander. See example below, for one of the first videos I’ve watched from him.

Gift Ideas For Random People

Happy Yule~ And since it’s the season to be giving, here’s me giving you more bad ideas on what to buy for people when you don’t know what to get them. I’m definitely qualified to do so because… I have loads of random interests and I’m a random person on the internet, and you’re another random person on the internet *shrug*

01 Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen
This is a great starter fountain pen for both kids and adults. And I know, you’re like, why are you recommending fountain pens – how many people use fountain pens on a regular occasion to warrant buying a new pen? But it’s fun, and I think 16 bucks for a starter pen is pretty okay, when you think about those branded luxury fountain pens that go up to the four digits.

02 (and while you’re at it) Pilot Iroshizuku Ink
Preferably these particular colours for the Christmas vibes – Momiji (red) and Shin-Ryoku (green). They’re pretty decently priced, and there’s a huge range of colours available. I’m also pleased that they provide a gift set with 15 ml bottles – which means that you can buy more bottles without feeling that much of a pinch. (Of course, it’s still more cost effective to buy the 50 ml bottles, but when you’re a dabbler of things, do you really think you can finish up 50 ml of inks?? (To compare, I use perfumes on a daily basis, but it takes forever for me to finish up a 50 ml bottle of perfume, so I assume it would be much harder for ink)

03 Joe Lycett’s Parsnips, Buttered: How to Win at Modern Life, One Email at a Time
The latest book that made me laugh too hard in public. To be fair, there were a few anecdotes that were already familiar to me, since I do watch Joe Lycett on panel shows and stand-ups. Which means I can sort of hear his snarky voice enunciating the words. Love the little artworks – I do hope they were done by him.

04 Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Kit
C’mon, Harry Potter is awesome. We all need more Harry Potter related merch in our lives, and this is something affordable and… idk, colouring is supposed to be relaxing for some people? Not in my opinion, but my opinion isn’t everything that counts. So I don’t know why you’re reading a list I wrote.

05 Diptyque Candles (holiday collection)
Instantly classes up someone’s house by adding at least 50 points to maturity. At their price point, they should be telegraphing ‘look at me, I have fancy candles, I eat proper food for dinner instead of cereal. I know what a 401k is (technically not applicable here, but go with me on this), and I can do my own laundry’ to your visitors. And your visitors will nod and look suitably impressed and ask you to sign expensive contracts so you can buy more diptyque candles.

06 The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
No one says that Christmas gifts must be practical, so here’s something that may be nice for your Phoebe friend. You know, that person who dresses like someone who hasn’t had electrical lights installed in their house, instead they use candles (the non-diptyque kind) that smell like patchouli and amber and musk. So, this deck would be great for them to connect with their animalistic side, and let them go on and on about how that one time, they met Brad Pitt or something because they channeled the leopard.

07 Washi Tapes (aaaaallllll of the washi tapes)
So many different designs, so many patterns, so many colours, so many washi tapes out there for all sorts of purpose. You can’t go wrong with giving someone washi tapes when they’re so multi-functional! Plus it’s so budget-friendly, I don’t know why more people don’t give each other washi tapes as gifts, especially when you need to buy something for the whole office and their little dogs.

And if you need to feign delight and joy at receiving crappy gifts, good ol’ Benedict Cucumbersnatch has you covered, with a masterclass, no less!

doctor appointments

I suppose while I am not fond of visiting the doctor, and generally knowing about my own health conditions, I should feel better about the fact that at least I would never ask a doctor something as silly as that, and in a way, you can also see it as no matter how stupid or whatever shit you tell them, technically it’s all meant to be under patient confidentiality, and even if they do go home and tell their spouse about that weird patient they had that day, they can’t mention your name and all… and if you think about it, whatever strange question that you want to ask, probably had already been asked by some other patients. They see so many patients daily that everything is probably routine by now, and very little would phase them anymore. I mean, that’s what I hope. Even if they’re judging me inside for my dumb questions…

Batiste; Dry Shampoo (Cherry)

Dry shampoo is basically a type of powder ‘shampoo’ that absorbs the grease from your hair without needing to use regular liquid-based shampoo or rinsing with water.

As you know, in order to extend the lifespan of coloured hair, especially when it’s an unnatural colour, you should wait up to three days before washing it with water. However, what happens if you tend to get greasy hair if you don’t wash it daily? That’s when the dry shampoo steps in. With a few sprays here and there, you can eliminate (or at least reduce) the grease from your roots, and get on with your day with clean smelling hair.

I knew I needed a dry shampoo, but I had no real opinion about Batiste or any other brands of dry shampoo available on the shelf. The main draw for me was the fact that the Batiste dry shampoos came in two sizes, the original 200ml or a mini 50ml travel size. I got the mini size as a sort of trial, since I wasn’t sure it would be effective.

But yeah, I ended up being pleasantly surprised that the product actually worked pretty well at absorbing excess oil, and not leaving any chalky residue or had any unpleasant side effects like scalp irritation/dandruff. So, 10/10 would recommend, and I’m sort of curious to test out the other fragrances.

Celebrity Crush: 华晨宇

Described as being a musical genius from Mars, Hua Chen Yu is known for having powerful vocals, charismatic stage presence, and a gift for composing.

He first rose to fame via Superboy in 2013, a Chinese singing competition, in which he managed to clinch first place. He demonstrated his ability to convey a multitude of emotions through his singing by performing a self-composed piece with no words. (And also his social awkward personality XD). The song was written as a response to his isolated nature, and through it, you can hear his agony and yearning.

No, I can’t say that I paid attention to him through this competition because it didn’t air here, and I wasn’t that bored to check out random singing competitions on Youtube for no good reason.

The first song that I heard was 我管你 (Loosely translated as I Don’t Care), and sort of fell in love with the lyrics and the attitude it described:

花臂或刺頭 應該沒說明我所有
我不找藉口 懂的人自然能看透
沒想辯解太多 別用外表解說我
誤解不願反駁 我拒絕只談如果
管你什麼想法 我是我自己的表達
管你什麼看法 我的世界我來浮誇

Basically you can sum up the lyrics as ‘I don’t care what you think of me, I’m gonna do as I please. There’s no need for excuses, the people who understand me will relate.’

I’m not going to lie, lyrics like these resonate with me, even though I’m hardly the devil-may-care person that he depicts. Oh, I want to be like that, but I am shackled by the limits that I have allowed people to place on me for now.

But yes, I started to check out his other stuff, which lead me to a lot of great songs – covers that he did for other singing-based contests or just covers he performed during his concerts. He has a great range, just listen to his cover of 陈粒’s 易燃易爆炸. He is also proficient at rapping, even though that’s not something I can really judge, since I don’t really listen much to rap.

I decided to write up this post after learning that he’s on Singer 2018, and idk, I guess I wanted to gush about a great singer? He did a brilliant take on Jay Chou’s 双截棍 recently, combining alternative rock, rap and traditional Beijing opera into one.

Also, I like his serious attitude towards music – it’s not about creating something that would please audiences, it’s to create something you would be proud of, something that is up to the level that you wanted, the vision you had in your mind.

But when we’re not talking about music? This is one heck of a quirky person. He’s obviously Aquarius (born on 7 Feb 1990), but without a birth time, it’s not like we can check out his other planets, but idk, can I guess that he has either Scorpio or Taurus rising? (lol)

When not obsessed with music, he is super into food, as you can see from the many videos where he is caught eating and eating and eating without caring about his ‘idol’ image:

And his answers to questions tend to be on the spacey hilarious side:

But yes, overall, 10/10 would recommend his music and his adorable nature. (Can’t believe he’s older than me, haha).

The many faces of 花花:

Image credits: [1][2][3][4][5][6]

(Also, not gonna lie, I like how the first word in his name, aka his surname, is the last word in my Chinese name. As in, it makes me feel a little better about my Chinese name, since I don’t really like it. It’s so uncool, lol)

dancing in cars: who did it better?

To be fair, Noel Fielding draws the eye no matter what’s he is doing; like I’d totally just sit and watch the dude walk across the street because he’d make it interesting. But the music really suited the scene that Ansel Elgort did; they really timed the music beautifully to the action sequences.

So, I went to watch Baby Driver the other day, and so far Edgar Wright has yet to disappoint me with how stylish and hilarious his films are.

The plot itself was straightforward and almost cliched, and sometimes the characters were really lacking in common sense or actual development, but the movie itself was so fun. Plus, I liked how they dropped pop culture references and worked foreshadowing into the story.

5 Beauty Products to Buy for that Frivolous Person in your Life/Social Circle

So, Christmas is coming up, and you need a gift guide, sort of. But somehow you can’t just google ‘Gift Ideas for ____’ because you’re worried they might just check your browser history like some sort of weird creeper. (C’mon, I bet we all would check someone else’s browser history if we got the opportunity to do so. No? Just me? Ah shit). Anyway, here are 5 frivolous items that you don’t need to have in your life, but having it certainly doesn’t harm you.

01 Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit

Each full sized mask (150 ml) ranges from $80+ to $160+, so I thought this sampler kit (14 ml) was a good way to test out all of the mask available before thinking about committing to a full sized one. Plus, c’mon, how long would it take to use up a 150 ml face mask when we don’t normally apply them daily? I find that I take at least 3 months to finish up my daily cleanser, which is 200 ml, and I use it twice daily.

The set of masks here aims to help with a broad range of problems – the cucumber and marine algae masks are mostly hydrating, whereas the irish moor mud is purifying – and if you want to multitask your products, this would be easy enough. Like, you could always apply the purifying mask to your oily t-zone, and the hydrating ones to the cheek areas, as a sort of troubleshooting.

02 Urban Decay Vice Lip Palette
I understand some people just want to have a minimalist makeup collection, but c’mon, how can one or two lipstick shades last you an entire lifetime? Don’t you mean different colours for different seasons or different outfits, don’t you want to experiment with different looks? Or even different textures and finishes of the lipsticks themselves. But buying multiple full sized bullet lipsticks would be expensive and you won’t ever finish one if you have a large collection like me.

But here’s the good thing about the Vice Lip Palette, you get 12 shades, housed in a 0.7g pan, which doesn’t look as intimidating when you think about using up the products. Sure, you may be like, wtf am I going to do with a green lip colour? And that’s where I have to hush you because why you gotta hold yourself back? (But okay, seriously, I can’t pull off that green either. My undertones with that green shade? Just makes me look sallow and ill.)

03 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
You know, I thought this was a marketing gimmick but it actually works at blurring your pores by diffusing/reflecting light or some other sort of makeup bullshit. However it is definitely not a setting powder and it will not set your makeup at all. Instead, think of it as a Photoshop effect that helps to smooth out the fine lines and minor imperfection.

As usual, I like the palette version instead of buying the full sized compact because the palette gives you more variety and I will never be able to pan an entire compact so why not just get lesser overall product but get more shades since I’m the type who likes choices.

04 Lush Body Conditioner in Snow Fairy
I have talked about Lush’s Body Conditioner before, but it was in the original scent. This one, Snow Fairy, is for the holiday season, and if you ever wanted to smell like cotton candy, well, here is where it’s at.

It’s good for people who are too lazy to apply lotion or body cream or moisturizer (why are there so many names for the same type of product??) when they get out of the shower, but want soft skin (who doesn’t want soft skin???).

05 Maison Martin Margiela ‘Replica’ Filter: Blur
Marketed as an oil-based primer for perfumes, so that they last longer on your skin, I find that Blur (and the other Filter perfume oil, Glow) can be used on their own as a sort of lightweight perfume for both skin and hair. They add a nice soft sheen thanks to the oil. I find Blur to smell just a tad nicer, it’s soft and comforting whereas Glow is more tanned and sunshine-y, which are not my thing.