Things I Love Thursday

Public holidays FTW :D aka days to do nothing and not feel guilty.

Despite being Labour Day, I didn’t really manage to sleep in, because of lunch plans. But at least I don’t have to go into the office! So, basically a lot of things are automatically awesome by virtue of not being work. Anyway, yeah, went to a pretty decent hotel to meet with a distant cousin from Hong Kong who was apparently here on exchange for the last 6 months. This would have been cooler if I was still in school, because his exchange was at NUS (though he’s a law kid, so I doubt I would have seen him around or even recognize him.)

Another plus: submitted my timesheet yesterday and I can’t wait for all the overtime pay to come trickling in, because damn I’m most likely going to be doing quite a fair bit of OT and being monetarily rewarded is always fantastic. After all, $20 is $20, you guys.

I’m not a big fan of coke, but vanilla coke? Definitely my thing, because it tastes like coke float, haha. But seriously, the closest 7-11 to my office stocks this and damn this is such a temptation that I totally gave into. Yup, my life is so sad that vanilla coke is amazing to me. No seriously, this is going to be a problem, I fear.

(please ignore the frankly large amount of tabs opened on my chrome browser)
Shiro Cosmetics had a sale the other day and despite not needing anything, I indulged myself… and yeeeah, man, do I really need more eyeshadows and lip balms that I don’t even really wear since I’m too lazy to wake up early in the morning to slap pigments on my face? Technically nooooo, but… it’s on sale! Which is suuuch a valid excuse. I’m totally a grown-up, I checked!

Yet another Kickstarter related item: Fishbones by Jisuk Cho :D I first discovered Jisuk on DeviantArt, way back when I was a teenager. Although my first contact with it was a webcomic, I was pretty intrigued to learn that there was a novel format, so I thought to myself ‘why not?’ and ended up with a copy.

Idk, I just really like the character Demos (the dude drinking coffee).

I got some postcards along with my book! :D Also, as a side note kind of thing, Tokyo Post is awesome as hell because hello, I got my package 6 days after it was sent. That’s really fast! Even mail from Malaysia took up to 2 days for me the last time I bought something from a Malaysian seller and they’re like our next door neighbour already.

I blame this on Pellek, since after watching his rendition of Nightwish’s Escapist, I’ve fallen back in love with them, especially their older stuff, and nowadays I just blast Nightwish when I’m working since I’m less likely to doze off with symphonic metal ringing in my ears.

But seriously, Pellek has a fantastic range, though I’m kind of worried if he’s straining his voice here. The high notes are really pretty high. Even Annette, the original singer of this song, doesn’t really do the high notes in their live concerts. She seems to do a rearrangement of this song, from the few live videos I’ve seen. Not surprising, since she doesn’t exactly have the strongest vocals around.

Aaand this one definitely brought a smile to my face, because I’m guilty of not having finished watching so many tv series. But yeah Brett Domino Trio is brilliant and they deserve more views~

Lastly before I end this post, here’s a little PSA for some people who definitely need it.