in thought and memory is a tiny virtual soapbox for a recovering gothkid who prefers to go by the moniker ravenxeve or rxe because her real name is boring. in this space, she would like to chronicle her oh-so-mundane life and the various milestones that go along with it.

she is fond of various fandoms, alternative fashions, boys liking other boys, terrible and awkward romances, an imperfect cup of tea left to oversteep, and an unwavering faith in magic and the path less trodden because you’ll see unicorns and the fair folk roaming free.

for those who are interested, you may find snippets of terrible writing and bad poetry, cliched inspirational images with tacky lyrics in helvetica font, random lists of things as well as rambling streams of consciousness.

social media linkaroo for those who are simply smitten with my awesomesauce addictive and amazing personality:

LJ archives | twitter | tumblr | last.fm | delicious | goodreads |

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