Things I Love Thursday

Any day that doesn’t expect me to wake up at the crack of dawn is a good day. And today is one of those rare unicorn days.

Taking paid leave is amazing and awesome and I wish I had more annual leave to take so I can properly have time off to laze around and do absolutely nothing. (I don’t even have real weekends anymore… since I have to get up early and do stuff. Urgh, I regret taking on the Saturday piano job even though I do like the money. But I think I’m at that age where I find myself liking sleep more =.=) But yeah, got to sleep in a little more than usual! <3

Went to catch two films on my off day~ And here are my thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla, written in my new Moleskine.

I will be very disappointed if no new Charles/Erik fic turns up. Also, Charles, why do you look like some washed out trippy/hippy musician?!

Godzilla… was meh, especially after all the hype. I mean, everyone in the movie was replaceable. From the humans to the monsters to even our titular character. Also, the soundtracks for both movies were a little lackluster… The only upside: student prices.

The Daily Lives of High School Boys is as its name suggests, a series depicting the everyday lives of a bunch of high school boys, and it is frigging hilarious. Seriously, I love such gag series, with their episodic nature and subversion of tropes. Nowadays I can’t find myself being all immersed in tv series with actual story lines that take themselves a little too seriously. In this series, the mangaka makes fun of all the characters, whether male or female, no one is spared the humiliation and embarrassment.

Also, Tomokazu Sugita has a fantastic voice and it’s actually pretty distinct. He voices the glasses wearing character. Bonus round, spot all the tropes in just the first scene!
(1) the cliched running late for school + toast hanging out of your mouth scene
(1.5) the emphasis on ‘normalcy’
(2) Yoshitake (blond guy) also running late, but eating curry rice instead of the typical toast
(2.5) Hidenori (glasses guy) commenting on the trope ->; lampshade hanging
(3) subversion of said trope since he’s eating noodles
(4) Hidenori being genre savvy ->; it’s a collaboration between Square Enix and Sunrise, so he expects that there would be robots and RPG elements
(5) Subversion of his genre savvy-ness because it’s a high school anime!
(6) Breaking of the fourth wall because they know they’re in an anime

Currently, I’m catching up with this j-drama, Ataru, where the main character Ataru, is a savant who is capable of great deduction and observations, though his human interactions are a little more on the eccentric side. I like this show mainly because the main character is so… flawed, in terms of his inability to communicate effectively with the others around him, but you know that he is capable of a great depth of emotions underneath the surface. And I like that the crimes that they solve are usually seen as accidents or suicide events, but because of their probing, the truth comes to light and the murderers do not get away scot-free. Also, I really enjoy the interactions between the characters. The two police officers seem to act as surrogate parents for Ataru, cleaning up after him, bringing him to the hospital, putting up with his various antics without feeling troubled.

Did I mention that I got my copies of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi in the mail the other day? And did I also mention that I am so amazingly dumb that I bought the German edition? (Idk if there’s an English one out then) Yeeeah. At least I know some German, and I’m just lucky that it’s not in French or Spanish or something.

I think I understand like 30% of the blurb… and this is mostly because I’ve read English scanlations plus watched the anime a while ago.

My other Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi book is in Japanese… I got it when I was in Hokkaido. (I was really tempted to buy all the BL manga… but I guess I had some shame left in me.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.


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