Things I Love Thursday

It has been yet another hectic week of work after work, but hey, Thursday means it’s one day closer to the weekend~

First on the list, can I just say that Epica’s latest album, The Quantum Enigma, is effing amazing? Seriously, Simone has one of the best voices in symphonic metal, along with Within Temptation’s frontwoman, Sharon den Adel and Tarja Turunen and Floor Jansen. Also, I enjoyed The Quantum Enigma more than their previous album, Requiem for the Indifferent, which left me mostly indifferent. (haha, so clever *roll eyes*)

I like how they retain their style throughout, progressive elements with a strong symphonic foundation. As usual, Epica’s lyrics lean towards the heavier and darker subject matters. It’s about the human experience, with a focus on the philosophical and spiritual side of things, though I did find the lyrics a little bulky sometimes.

Why play fetch when you can play catch!

Tell me this isn’t the most adorable thing ever! :DDD She’s wearing really cute clothes, I really like the stripey one at the end, plus the way she’ll jump up after catching the ball~ And the owner is so awesome too!! Aaaah~ <3 fangirl mode, kyaaa~

I had the most random desire to rewatch old Studio Ghibli films, and the first one on my list was Mononoke-Hime, because I suddenly had the theme song playing in my head, and I was like, ‘man, I should rewatch the film, it has been too long.’

Miyazaki’s films are always cinematically beautiful, with gorgeous art (especially their landscapes) and complemented by Joe Hisaishi’s evocative music. I don’t think any other composers have left such a lasting impact on me.

Mononoke Hime, I am unashamed to say, left me in tears, mainly because I had too many feels and the main character, Ashitaka, irked me a lot with his neutrality. He does the right thing, duh, but man, there were moments where I really wanted to kill characters, like the two greedy humans with their greed for power and wealth. I mean, yeeeah, I understand the need for expansion, but not at the cost of destroying nature and killing a god.

And of course, since we’re on the topic of Studio Ghibli’s fims, why not sit back, relax and watch Joe Hisaishi conducting?

And now for an awkward segue.

Cry mentioned that he was going to do some voice acting for this game, Popup Dungeon, which actually does look pretty awesome. No, I’m not merely saying this because I’m a Cryaotic fan, because I’m not that insane over someone.

Got two of my Memeboxes in the mail~ :D So far, I think they’re really quite worth the money and the shipping didn’t really take that long. Definitely a repurchase. A more thorough review will be coming soon :D

Made a relatively small purchase over at Darling Clandestine, since Evonne was having another sale, and this time I picked up some more things that I haven’t tried. Amazing, innit, there are still a lot of things I haven’t already sampled. And now I have to impose a no-buy on such products so I don’t end up breaking the bank.

Lastly, have some Jonathan Coulton singing about zombies. Yup.

And because one of the biggest draw of Youtube is the fact that it’s supposed to encourage action, here’s an alternate perspective by Tobuscus.