wait, you were saying…?!

I’m not good at things that require a great deal of concentration, mainly because I think I’ve developed a short attention span…

I sometimes feel like Jack who goes around everywhere poking at things and generally losing interest in them after finding something shinier.

I find myself opening countless of tabs, reading through a couple of sentences here and there, skimming through an entire article or story if it’s particularly gripping, but never focusing entirely on the various details. My attention span is probably as short as a gnat. On the other hand, I had amazing focus as a kid, and background events hardly ever fazed me whenever I was doing anything.

Kid!Me had no problems with focusing on tasks, I still remember how I used to do my homework: I’d be seated at the dining table (round wooden table, pine coloured, with a layer of glass to protect the surface), with my various homework and stationery. My mother would usually be in the kitchen, preparing dinner as the radio played in the background. And like clockwork, at around 5:30 pm, my best friend of that time would ring me and she’d end up talking my ear off while I completed my homework. Multi-tasking at its finest, I guess. I mean, I did pay attention to whatever she said, normally she’d read me excerpts from the books she was currently reading or talk to me about the stuff going on at home. I didn’t really have to respond much, except to make noises of assent or ask random questions about the stories she was telling. And of course, the homework was easily completed because I was actually a pretty studious kid when I was in lower primary. Obviously, my mother didn’t like the way I did my work, because she thinks I wouldn’t be paying enough attention to my work. But Kid!Me was capable of focus that my current self lacks. I don’t really know why… but I really do think that the short attention span is going to do me more harm than good, especially when I grow older and have more responsibilities at work and stuff.