Things I Love Thursday

Back to Thursday again, you know the spiel.

Real Life:
– Had the office D&D last Friday, in which I didn’t exactly want to go, but then I had no real reason not to turn up. Plus, the PA is kind of intimidating… Anyway, we got to leave office at 3 pm to dress up, and there’s free dinner provided, so I probably shouldn’t complain that much, right?

– The boss is away for 3 entire weeks WOOHOO. That’s my cue to turn up later than usual and leave super on time :DDD Yeah, it’s the lazy life for me. I didn’t choose the slacker life, the slacker life chose me. Well, it would if it wasn’t that lazy.

– Done with the office gift exchange shopping~ even if I didn’t exactly hit the minimum budget, so hopefully no one says anything. I also got something for my niece, who is still obsessed with My Little Pony. Seriously, all the recommended videos that show up on the Youtube app on my television are MLP related. *facepalm* Yeah, it’s either MLP or ocean documentaries. This kid is most likely going to go far.

– Popped in to my sister-in-law’s place after work with my mother to visit the new kid. Both mother and kid are doing well, except my mother is really quite… resigned over the fact that her in-laws don’t believe in the traditional confinement procedures.

Which idk, I mean, some of the things are really dumb, like no washing of hair or showering. I think these are fine, if you use hot water and not expose yourself to cold temperatures. I mean, you just went through a major operation, I don’t think you should be guzzling cold water and eating leftovers… *shrug* but hey, not my body, not my kid, not my wife.

Physical Things:

So people normally like to start their planners in January, right? Well, I like mine to start earlier than that, so here is my Dec 2015 – whenever I run out of pages 201X.

Yes, fake hipster cred because Moleskine aren’t hipster-ish anymore. It’s too mainstream, too bloody expensive for just a notebook, but I’m the type of person who has to force themselves into using a notebook, so if I got a cheapo one, I’ll just toss it aside and not feel the pinch. But hey, at least it was much cheaper on Book Depository than buying it in a retail store here.

The shipping itself was pretty quick, but to be honest, I was slightly disappointed that GSC took so freaking long to ship my Nendoroid out because I’ve been seeing N displayed in Kinokuniya for a while already, and I’m like, guyyyyys, I pre-ordered this little critter, it should turn up either before it hits the store, or on a similar timeline, right?? Otherwise, what is the point of pre-ordering it?!

I won’t be able to get this, since it’s only available for the Japanese market, but omg, I would love to get one, because just like how even grown-ups can find Hello Kitty cute, Pikachu is fucking adorable to me. But he retails at 45, 000 yen, which is converted to 500+ sgd. Fuuuuuuck.

I also want to get the other two Touken Ranbu Nendoroids – Ichigo Hitofuri & Yagen Toushirou. But I think I’ll only pick them up if I see them in the physical stores here, rather than pre-ordering them, since I’m in the sort of ‘I can either take them or leave them’ feeling.

I’m sorry… I succumbed to this… but at least it doesn’t require a lot of commitment from me/I don’t have to pay to advance quickly in this game, since the cats are pretty generous with their fishes at times.

Lastly, if you ever find yourself in need of epic music, TWO STEPS FROM HELL is the answer.


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