Things I Love Thursday

a short post but let’s get back to the hang of things.

On the work front, I suppose I should be glad that because of the monthly deadlines thanks to payroll reasons, my boss has not been keeping me entrapped in meeting rooms. (My coworkers call it a dungeon or prison cell, and any break away from the routine is deemed as prison break. To cheer myself up, I think of myself as the savior figure who has to take one for the team, so they don’t need to get trapped inside instead.)

So yeah, quiet days are A+ when you get to go home at relatively good timing without having to suffer through a whole bunch of shit. Yeah, I know that the good days won’t last beyond next week, but any break from the terrible routine is appreciated.

Additionally, new coworker is coming in tomorrow, so hopefully she focuses more attention on the new guy and stops hounding me D:

While people around my age are giving into the Crazy Rich Asians hype, I’m the kind who goes to watch Teen Titans Go! instead, maybe because mentally I’m like 12. But yeah, I don’t advise going into the theatre fully sober, because you’d find the jokes funnier if you were just a tad tipsy, which is what I did with my friend – we had some sake before heading in.

Plot-wise, you’d see everything coming right from across the road, and the jokes tend to be as subtle as Thor’s hammer, but I did enjoy the movie. It was fun, they dropped so many references and weren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves, and Marvel as well.

But considering that I grew up watching the original Teen Titans – Teen Titans Go had a different sort of charm to it, what with the super deformed chibi art style that is reminiscent of the Powerpuff Girls series – I still prefer the original. Also slightly disappointed that they didn’t pay any tribute to the awesome theme song from the Teen Titans heyday!

Within Temptation seems to be dropping a new single soon, because we got hit with a pretty cool teaser.

If you accessed their site on a regular browser (i.e. Chrome), this is what you see below:

You need to erase the words on the first layer to see the hidden layer, where it’s all Matrix-like, green/white words against the black background, with certain words being highlighted to show their ‘secret’ message. Things like, ‘are you really free’/’we are the faces with no names’. It’s kinda Alan Walker-esque, in a sense, but still cool.

And if you accessed the site via Incognito mode, you get a teaser video instead!

On a more frivolous note, Starbucks is getting a lot of my money. I recently got the tumbler from their Siren collection, as pictured above, because it’s just too pretty to resist!


Things I Love Thursday – Products Version

soooooo this is supposed to be more than just material things, but eh, I’m not in the mood to wax poetic about work and pretending that I’m enjoying it, so here’s a list of some recent buys that I enjoy.

01 IGK – Dry Shampoo in First Class
I bought this on a whim while queueing at Sephora. Because the people at Sephora know how millennials’ attention spans work. We want to be constantly entertained, to the extent that if you put products near the cashier, we will browse as we wait and inevitably, more things will find their way into our baskets, and it’s usually these tiny things like dry shampoos or lip tints or sample sized mascaras since they make easy impulse buys.

As for the product itself, well, I suppose I don’t really have any complaints. It does its job remarkably well – my routine of using dry shampoo is for days when I don’t have the time to wash my hair and wait for it to air dry completely before I head to bed (this takes about… 2 hours minimum if I sit under the fan, and longer if I don’t). I usually do a few sprays to the roots and scalp , wait for 30 seconds before massaging/finger combing through my hair. The next day – zero grease is left and my hair feels as good as though I’ve washed it normally with regular shampoo. The scent is pleasant enough, and doesn’t exactly linger beyond the initial sprays. Of course, I wouldn’t advise skipping regular shampoo because the climate is super hot and humid here but if you need to go between washes occassionally, then this is a pretty decent fix.

02 Clarins – Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry
I haven’t touched lip gloss in ages – even before the trend of matte lips looking drier than the Sahara, I have never been really a fan of the wet glossy look. Especially when you tend to wear your hair down and loose, and the winds would just blow strands of hair everywhere. You’re basically just asking for hair to get stuck on your lips constantly, and that’s irritating.

However, while Clarins’ Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (what a long name to type out =.=) has the same consistency and texture of a lip gloss, at least you get to tell yourself that it’s good for your lips. It’s not like a regular lip gloss that does nothing, but hey, this comes with a bunch of plant oils that promise to nourish and hydrate your lips. Also, it smells pretty great! (Doesn’t taste good though… >.>)

And I guess as some sort of a throwback, I like to dab a bit of the oil onto my eyelids for that old-school glossy gleam. Hurrah for super low-key makeup looks, amirite.

03 Chanel – Stylo Ombre et Contour in 02 Bleu Nuit
Roughly translates as ‘blue night’ (though I suspect it’s supposed to be more like midnight blue), this was a birthday present from a friend who is totally enabling my Chanel habit. (Though, to be fair, it’s not as though I have that many items from the brand… I mean, I can always do with more?)

A dark blue, slightly greenish hue, this eyeliner is part of the Fall/Winter 2018 collection Le Mat de Chanel. The collection comprises mostly of matte items, and I have already picked up a couple of other items, including the Lip Crayon and Rouge Allure liquid lip colour.

Being the lazy person that I am, I don’t really wear any makeup beyond eyebrow pencil because my brows need all the help that they can get. (Okay, let’s face it literally, pun slightly intended, I need allllll the help I can get, but it’s just the desire for sleep outweighs any other consideration. Besides, I’m not the one who has to look at this stupid mug of mine, so I don’t need the eye bleach.)

So first things first, the most basic criteria here – I like the colour. Says the girl with the blue hair, amirite.

Thanks to hooded eyelids, there’s very little point for me to wear eyeliner unless I go for a super thick look. If I do a normal thin line, the eyeliner will simply ‘vanish’ whenever I open my eyes basically. Instead, I tend to just line my upper waterline directly, so as to create a fuller lash line. Since it’s on the waterline, it wouldn’t last further than a couple of hours, but at least there is no transference here. However, I wouldn’t say the same if you’re lining the lower waterline because the colour will migrate to the skin beneath your eyes, and it will look pretttttty weird…

If used as a regular eyeliner (that is, to line the eyelid normally), the colour has quite the decent wear time, and it doesn’t smudge too much. I think it can last for up to 6 hours or more, considering that I didn’t try with any primer, and my eyelids can get oily at times.

Hopefully, there would be better things to write about for next week…

Things I Love Thursday

I think the people on my instagram feed are probably irritated with me by now, since I kept spamming about the NIKE AIRFORCE 1 SPECIAL FIELD shoes:

And because I had to clear a thirty dollar Converse voucher, thanks to my brother, I took a little sidetrip and bought a jacket (mainly because I already have 3 pairs of Converse shoes, and I cannot justify more sneakers for now). I think I really like it – the buttons are cool, the design is so classic, and the hint of mint green on the cuffs/collars are a nice touch.

Went to listen to Boris Berezovsky live, and like, fuck, it was amazing. The way he plays, well, it just made everything look effortless. I was a little miffed when the programme was changed last minute, because I had wanted to listen to the original set list, but the change featured an all-Russian showcase, which was also pretty cool, since I was unfamiliar with the works of Mily Balakirev and Anatol Liadov.

And also dinner after the show at Alter Ego. It might be anti-social of me to say so, but I really enjoy eating on my own. Here’s some post-concert chips and a good cider.

In other news, I’ve finally picked up my Edward Elric nendoroid, and he is so goddamn adorable. I still have a lot of them nendoroids in their boxes, but opening them would just incur the wrath of the parental authority, so Ed is currently sitting snugly in his box on my office desk.

It’s been a while since the last time I stepped into a karaoke place, so obviously I had to go spam whatever new songs I’ve been listening to, and also because I rarely get to sing Chinese pop songs, since I tend to go singing with friends who don’t understand Chinese, hence I’m not likely to pick Chinese songs. It doesn’t help that the songs I listen to tend to be outside of their scope as well… But yes, getting to sing stuff by 华晨宇/信, so cathartic, lol

Things I Love Thursday

It’s bit a long while since I did one of these. *cracks knuckles* Let’s go~

So I did blue hair last year when I was in Japan, but it didn’t last too long. So… second time lucky maybe?

It’s been holding up longer than the first time, which is probably because I bleached it twice this time round. And do you know how long the entire process frigging took? Nearly 5 hours D: I don’t know how I survived in the salon chair… Oh the joys of wanting unnatural hair colours. (I looked at my bleached hair, and I think once this blue has faded, I can probably try to bleach it again to go for Sephiroth hair… which will reallllllly not last since it’s so light.)

Happy Lunar New Year~ :D which means LONG BREAK FROM WORK! (That’s the main thing I’m looking forward to. Plus collecting free money is always a win) But yes, new year, hopefully more new posts. (I only had 9 posts in 2017! As compared to 285 in 2014, which is the most I ever had)

Recent movies I caught:

Image credits: [1] [2] [3]

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: touted as a dark comedy, and sure, there are some comedic moments, but I think overall, but the overall feeling was less funny, and more bleak. The reason that started the whole billboard situation did not get resolved, even though there was a small amount of closure, but it’s left ambiguous in the end. The story follows Mildred, who is a battle-hardened woman. She has grit and guts, and the portrayal of her pain is tangible, almost.

The Shape of Water: I love the aesthetics, but to be honest, the plot is cliched and there are loopholes here and there. But the setting and the music was A+. Not sure how I feel about the fishman and the main character getting it on… it’s just hmmm, scaly? Okay, I know, that’s not the point, but can i just say that you can have ugly male characters getting it on with good looking female characters, but you don’t seem to have it vice versa?

Black Panther: Okay, can I just point out how adorable Letitia Wright is? Re the movie, of course, the storyline is predictable, but do we go into a superhero/Marvel movie and ask for something unpredictable? No, of course we don’t. All we want from the good people at Marvel is just the basics – don’t fuck up the characters and stories, give us the witty banter, throw in some eye candy, and we good.

I nearly died laughing during this Gintama episode, which was exacerbated by the fact that I was eating dinner at the time. But yes, catching up with all the Gintama episodes that I haven’t been watching because I got too lazy, even though it is so good!!

I marathon-ed season 2 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency because it was just that good that I couldn’t stop. Seriously the momentum, it’s like bam bam bam, you just got to keep going. Also, fucking hell, they need to start working on season 3 like, one month ago. C’mon Netflix, we need you to step up and keep it alive. There are so many open questions that we need to get answers to!

This is like so olldddddd, but Thomas is adorable in this, I didn’t know he used to sing for Emerald either! It’s sort of good that he didn’t end up in Dragonforce because he’s perfect in Gloryhammer.

Slowly trying to hit my target of 40 books this year, which is really such a pathetically low number. If only we could count all the fanfics, because I read a shitton of those every year, especially when they stop airing my shows – like, I’m already hitting up AO3 for them Dirk Gently fic, you know?

In other frivolous news, I caved and got myself yet another one of these ‘lucky packs’, after the disappointment from Beautylish’s own version. There are some decent items inside, but idk, I’m not really feeling it, but the value of the items were really as promised.

AND FINALLY, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, I PRESENT TO YOU, MYV~ no seriously, I got into j-rock when I was about 12, and I’ve been lamenting the fact that so little of these j-rock bands will come over here and perform, whereas we get all those lame kpop shit shelling tickets at insane prices. But hello, MYV~ thank you for coming down and please let your fellow brethren see that Singapore is also a good place to hold concerts. (Calling X Japan, Matenrou Opera, Satsuki, Plastic Tree especially)

Things I Love Thursday

Sometimes the world is just a terrible shithole, and you don’t know what you have to feel good about so you end up procrastinating, but really you do need to see the good in the world before you end up just wondering what everything is for. Here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed in July despite all the rubbish going on.

So I’ve been following Random Encounters’ Five Nights at Freddy musical for a while, and they have finally updated with two new videos. It features Markiplier, MatPat and Natewantstobattle~ so yay there. And even though I don’t really follow the whole FNAF lore, I like the spin the Random Encounters team gave to the story – there’s some plot beyond just creepy animatronics and what nots, and the tunes are pretty catchy.

Yeeeah, so the steam summer sale went by quite a while back, but in my defense, this post was reaaaaally sitting in my drafts for quite a while, so yeah, I screencapped that image back then and finally got around to writing up this post. I am so productive like that.

I bought the whole Civilisation V (all the DLCs and everything) for only 12 bucks and it ate my life, in a way. It’s the whole ‘just one more turn’ trope and I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent on it. It reminded me back when Rome was popular, or at least my brother got me into the game, and I think I enjoyed it a little too much, with the whole building of temples and fire stations, and aqueducts. It was way more hands on than Civilisation V, which is fun in another manner.

There will be a new Neil Gaiman book, and it will be on Norse mythology, guess who grinned to herself and said ‘it’s about frigging time, Gaiman’, because frankly it is. We all know Gaiman likes mythology, and the Norse pantheon, because hello, American Gods had Odin, Loki and Thor, at least, plus his children’s book, Odd and the Frost Giants, is also related to the Norse myths.

FINALLY got my metaphorically grubby hands on Zero Time Dilemma, which I preordered ages ago, but it got delayed so MDA could label it as a M18 game, like c’mon, as if small kids want to play ZTD since there’s soooooo much reading and waiting and brain-using. It’s not some beat-them-up or button mashing with little plot, plus they have to have played 999, and VLR, to be interested in ZTD. I doubt kids want to bother with all the hassle.

I have high expectations, and I hope they won’t let me down, and can I just fangirl that Sugita is voicing Carlos (who I assume is the main character), and we got Daisuke Ono too! :DDDD These are two of the most recognisable seiyuus to me, especially Sugita. Not sure if it’s because I’ve heard over 300+ episodes of him in Gintama, plus all the other random anime that he pops up in or what.

Other 3DS games I got recently but haven’t really played yet: 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and Yokai Watch, yes, so slow, I know, but I finally caved, okay.

Watching Cry play Inside after a loooong time of not watching any LPs. I’m no good at platformers and it’s fun to hear Cry’s commentary as usual. Some other LPers that I follow are also doing this playthrough, but I think I’m gonna stick with Cry because I’m so biased.

Last year, I went to the Artscience Museum on my birthday to check out The Deep exhibition, which showcased deep sea creatures. This year, I headed down to the Singapore Art Museum to check out yet another nautical related exhibition. This one was less scientific and instead the featured works showed how the artists related to the sea.

I also managed to check out Imaginarium, which was mostly aimed at kids, but hey, on a weekday afternoon, there were hardly any kids around to annoy me. I liked the short films that they had selected, especially The Little Cousteau and Mon Ami Le Robot.

I think I love the sense of isolation and wistfulness displayed in both short films, and I thought the music they used fitted the scenes really well.

I’ve also finally watched the new Ghostbusters flick, and it was good! I reaaaaaally don’t understand the hate for it. Like c’mon, it’s not gamechanging or anything but it was a fun summer romp, just like all those brainless Transformers or superheroes movies. I thought the movie was a bit thin in terms of plot, but the characters were fun, and though some of the jokes were pretty cheesy, the writing was still snappy and tight.

Speaking of summer romps – Star Trek Beyond! :D Chris Pine soothes all pain, because I think he’s super hot. Which might not be everyone’s opinion. There were cliches galore – Kirk acting all morose and kind of jaded after all his escapades, in which he seems to spend most of the time running for his life (it’s got to be a trope already). And there’s the whole Spock and Bones – snarky comrades-in-arms – working together and throwing all sort of banter, plus Spock and his awkwardness in his dealings with Uhura, the possibility that the Spock-Kirk combo may be ruined, Chekov and Sulu and Scotty throwing about sciencey jargon, especially Scotty with his ‘magic’ mojo at modifying spaceships, monstrous looking villains with unnatural skin colours, and unexpected allies, and of course, the Enterprise crew getting to act like big damn heroes – unless you’re a nameless red shirt, then you die.

Now to just wait for Suicide Squad :DDDD Jared Leto~ sorry, showing bias again.

In real life, I had a lovely family dinner at a Japanese hotpot restaurant, as well as a meet up with the clique where we had ramen! and dessert! And they got me booze as a present, which made my mother laugh in a not-so-pleased manner because my friends think I’m an alcoholic.

Another friend got me Neko Atsume related stuff, since he knows that I’ve finally gotten all the cats and all their mementos and now I’m just playing to collect currency. Because eh, why not.

Things I Love Thursday

Two of my favourite singers – Sharon and Tarja – sharing the stage and being so goddamn brilliant, how I wish I could be one of those people in the crowd (despite my hatred of crowds, this is one I’d gladly wade in). I love how metal singers don’t need any sort of gimmicky tricks to sound awesome live.

And in the same symphonic metal vein: Epica’s new album, The Holographic Principle, is hitting the world on 30 September and ta-dah,they have revealed the tracklisting:

I don’t always like Epica’s songs, but I do admire their dedication – they have consistently produced an album every two years without fail, from 2003 to now (okay, wait, there was a gap during 2009 to 2012, but still, they have been on schedule.)

Kino sale = frivolous purchases such as the book above. I don’t draw – can’t draw actually – but I still like looking at pretty pictures and maybe if I have the patience, reading through the entire book. But yeah, at least my copy is in Chinese, so it’s not as frivolous as when I buy Japanese magazines just to look at the pretty pictures and maaaaaybe read the headlines and be like, ‘yeahhh, I got 15% of what they’re saying thanks to guesswork and kanji’.

I haven’t been following much of hockey since the Hawks were eliminated, but hey, I’m still glad that the Cup went to the Penguins instead! :D Imagine my horror if I woke up and learned that idk, the Flyers won instead or something. DDDD: DO NOT WANT.

But on a more Hawks focused note: Kaner has won the Hart trophy as NHL’s Most Valued Player and the Art Ross trophy, and the Ted Lindsey Award~ what with all his points :D He had quite a bit of shit going on a while back, but I’m glad it didn’t affect his game, and well, he seems to be more mature now, as compared to his not-so-upstanding image of partying and drinking and causing trouble.

Also, Artemi is rookie of the year since he won the Calder Trophy :DDD Like duh, he’s always lighting it up on the ice, and he seems to have quite the chemistry with Kaner.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix, a music rhythm game, hit the American 3DS eshop a week back, and I wanted to punch myself in the face because just a few days before it appeared in the American market, I went ahead and bought the Japanese version, which, remember, I can’t really read unless I scan everything into the Google Translate app or if I painstakingly read everything and googled the hell out of a Japanese dictionary. At the moment, I’m playing by skipping through all the dialogue and ignoring any given instructions, and just tapping away like a mad person because ultimately, it is a rhythm game, and you just need to button-mash your way through one way or another,

Did a reading for a friend the other day, and was pleasantly surprised that it made sense – I don’t really read for other people, because I’m unsure whether the cards will pick up on my own thoughts and emotions and show me something more in-line with whatever that was going on in my life, rather than the other party’s, but somehow, I think my reading has improved perhaps? The only way forward is to make use of this time and really study.

And let’s end off with a gif that I think is hilarious because my sense of humour is wonky

Things I Love Thursday

A short list for the past couple of weeks~ :) Also yes, my posting schedule has been quite dysfunctional lately.

– X-Men: Apocalypse
Went with a couple of friends to watch the latest X-Men flick, and well, it was your typical summer blockbuster, I guess. I thought Apocalypse was kind of overpowered, and Charles a little too useless in the film. And the balding? So hilarious, I totally didn’t expect that to happen, and it’s only such a pity Apocalypse didn’t end up with McAvoy’s luscious locks instead.

Good setup for the next few films as well, since you have Jean Gray becoming too powerful too quickly, I only hope we don’t end up with the same fiasco as X-Men: The Last Stand… Also, I wondered how much Hugh Jackman was paid to make a short cameo?

– We Bare Bears
I got introduced to this delightful cartoon while chilling out over at a friend’s place. Three different bears, a Grizzly, a panda and a polar bear are adoptive brothers living together in a cave. Their friends include Bigfoot, as well as a little Korean girl. It’s hilarious (or maybe because I was drinking at that point) to see how no one bats an eyelash at the thought of three bears just walking about town and doing normal human stuff.

Also, Ice Bear (polar bear, duh) is my favourite :D

– playing with makeup
With time on my hands, especially since I don’t have to wake up early and get ready to leave the house, I have ample opportunity to play with whatever makeup I haven’t had the time to test/use, and more importantly, use up. Because girl, why do you need 3 different foundations and 2 different BB creams? You only have 1 face, you know… and things expire. Let’s also not delve into why I need ten different lipsticks all in the various shades of maroon and burgundy.

– Beauty-related Youtubers
Combining my latest interest in makeup and my love for Youtube (and tutorials in general), I find myself checking out beauty ‘gurus’ quite often these days. (I use quotation marks because a guru is technically supposed to be an expert/authority in the field, and most of these Youtubers definitely don’t fall into that category. I mean, sure, Lisa Eldridge is a professional, but other people like idk, Jaclyn Hill etc? Definitely not what I’d consider as an expert.

Also, sometimes I just like to watch these Youtubers talk about makeup in general, just to have some background noise and it’s not too bad listening to them review things I probably won’t be buying.

– BECCA lip tint in Raspberry
I got this the other day and basically a lot of shades were sold out already on the Sephora website, so I decided to get this because like I said, I need yet another maroon-ish colour in my collection.

But you know, this was actually one impulse purchase that I do not regret, because this is totally a MLBB (my lips but better) colour on me.

– manicures and pedicures
Because who doesn’t like pretty nails? And because I can never trim my cuticles or file my nails properly on my own… but also because I have the free time now. I had a package with a nail salon from last year, and well, let’s just say that I wasted a couple of sessions because I never had the time to go down all the way to Orchard just to do my nails. So I’ve been trying out a few different places nearer to my stomping grounds. (Also, properly groomed nails means I don’t have the tendency to relapse into certain bad habits.)

– new earworm: Faded, which I heard of through a karaoke session with the clique. I can do without all the songs about shaking asses and pleading with your ex-lovers to come back to you, but Faded has such pretty vocals, and even though the lyrics don’t really have much meaning/depth to them, I do like the parts about the eternal silence of the sea.

– Constantine: The Hellblazer
The main reason why I don’t bother keeping up with comics (as opposed to manga) is largely because they like to do reboots, or change artists and writers, who will try to make their mark on the original by changing things up, but I must admit that I enjoyed this reboot of Constantine.

I first read the original Hellblazer series when I was a kid, and of course, loads of things flew over my head but I loved the occult elements. They might be the origins for my fascination with the unknown.

Things I Love Thursday

it’s mid-May (kind of), and I’m still procrastinating on everything that should be done.

– Freedom
The most amazing feeling you guys, is having the entire day to do whatever you want. I can decide to wake up early and head to the music school to practise my drums or sit in a cafe and read random books, or even arrange make up classes for the piano kids. Or hey, I can also choose to wake up at like freaking noon and then skip lunch and just sit in front of the computer or Netflix.

– Independence
Okay, so the parental authority is away on vacation for a week, and let’s face it, I bet my brothers are all like, she’s not going to survive on her own. Which is why my second brother kept asking me if I wanted to go over for dinner, which I did today.

However, let me put it on the record, I can cook. I mean, I don’t do it often and my repertoire is seriously lacking, but whatever I make is totally edible, if not kind of basic. So yeah, let’s just say that I haven’t touched rice for a week – instead it’s all about udon, soba and pasta. And whatever vegetables that is easy to cook and require very little washing and cutting.

And yeeees, maybe I drink a little more now that there’s no supervision nagging at me but at least I’m drinking at home, which is cheaper and more responsible than going out and drinking myself blind.

Also laundry isn’t fun but luckily the new washing machine has a handwash option, which means I can dump everything in! :D Lazy people rejoice~

– Catching Up
Part of the freedom means that I can go out with friends and be spontaneous with plans at the drop of a hat. So far, I’ve managed to check out a few new hipster cafes places, finally got around to watching Captain America: Civil War, sing like a dying cat at karaoke places, and eat a ton of food and drank a lot of coffee along with it. It’s always good to catch up with people, you get to try new things or do group activities, which makes a nice change since I’m usually hanging out by myself.

– Rupaul’s Drag Race
Oh mama, I just started watching this the other day and I guess I’m really quite impressed by these contestants. Sure, the make up looks were too flamboyant for my liking – like, blend guys, blend. Unless the whole point is to look like you really did a shit ton of contouring. I mean, isn’t the point to contour and make it look like that amazing cheekbones and jawline is due to your god-given genes? Idk, and also some of the fake eyelashes were kind of too heavy, especially with that one episode where the contestants had to do a photoshoot in front of a huge fan and some of the eyelashes were just flapping away in the generated wind and it made them look kind of retarded instead of diva-licious.

But yes, count me in for the rest of the seasons available on Netflix – and let me wallow in my lack of ability to walk in heels and make clothes, because damn, the outfits that they manage to pull off in just like a day, wtf.

Didn’t always like the judges, especially when they gave contradictory criticism, like guys, what did you want. Plus some of the contestants got on my nerves, because they were so unlikeable. Can you guys just decide if you want to be catty about this person or pretend to like them the next episode? Idk.

– haruka nakamura piano ensemble
Went to watch Haruka Nakamura Piano Ensemble along with Aspidistrafly. To be honest, I went in blind and totally alone, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I enjoyed myself tremendously, because it’s so different from the power metal that I’ve been listening to lately.

Both bands were atmospheric, and I’m more partial towards Haruka Nakamura Piano Ensemble mainly because of all the improvising that they did. Aspidistrafly was interesting, but I didn’t exactly like the airy vocals that they employed because it just felt like bad technique even though the airiness was the entire point of their singing style.

– mouse on the keys
Going to see mouse on the keys again tomorrow! :D It’s been a couple of years since the last time the band played here, and I can’t wait to hear them play live again because the atmosphere is so ethereal and yet so grounded.

Plus we will also be hitting up the Matsuri event at Esplanade after the show~

Things I Love Thursday

I’m mostly thankful for the short week at work, because I’m totally not feeling it. I’m still in the new year mood, I guess… and the thought of dragging myself to office until my last day is so annoying!

Things that I’m watching now (even though I’m not done with Mikagura School Suite or Assassination Classroom… oops.)

Last Cinderella – focuses mainly on the love life of Sakura, who is trying to find love at the age of 39. She meets a handsome younger man, Hiroto at a party and is drawn to him. There is also Rintaro, Sakura’s boss and good friend. Side plots include her two good friends, Miki and Shima, who have their own issues with love and family.

Anyway, idk, but am I the only person who thinks Miura Haruma and Kazuya Kamenashi look alike?? It’s not 100% all the time, but when I’m watching Haruma play Hiroto, there are just angles where I was like, Kame-kun??

Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku – a mystery-comedy drama, where the main character, Kyoko is a private detective with a major problem. Her memory resets every time she falls asleep, which means that she needs to solve every case within a day. So far the mysteries she is hired to solve are generally straightforward and the relationship between her and her hanger-on, Yakusuke is kind of cute.

Haikyuu!! – Hinata Shouyou, upon seeing a volleyball match, is aiming to become “The Small Giant”, and joins his middle school volleyball club. After finding new members, they set out for the middle school tournament, where they’ve cross paths with a formidable school with the “King of the Upper Court”, Kageyama Tobio. Although their team lost, Shouyou is still determined to aim for the top and exact revenge on Kageyama. Upon entering high school, he recieved the biggest surprise–he and Kageyama are on the same school and club!

Yes, I’m late to the game, and no, I know absolutely nothing about volleyball other than it hurts my fucking wrists when I have to hit the ball with my wrists. Which makes no sense! But yeah, watching cute boys doesn’t hurt anything.

And duddddde, the characters are adorable! Like Hinata, the orange-haired main character, is he like an expy of cute Naruto???! Like, he’s so smiley and hyper and yet also vulnerable and so determined???

Maybe I’ll move onto Free! when I’m done with catching up with both seasons 1 and 2 of Haikyuu!!.

Now that I’m done with the first game in the Zero Escape series, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, I can move onto the next game, Virtue’s Last Reward, which has a really depressing subtitle in Japanese… Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV: Zennin Shibou Desu; translated as “Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die / I Want To Be A Good Person”. Like, is that major foreshadowing??

But yeah, the gameplay is pretty intriguing so far, the rules are different, the game has changed, and you get to choose between listening to either the Japanese or English audio, which is a cool new function, since there wasn’t any voiced dialogue in the previous game.

So far… I think the puzzles are slightly harder but still manageable. But maybe because I haven’t gotten that far into the game yet, since I’ve only done like 3 escape rooms so far.

Last Week Tonight returns this coming Sunday! (or actually Monday, in my time zone). I’m getting my news dose with Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, but hey, John Oliver is still funny and entertaining.

Why didn’t I stumble upon this channel earlier? Because their videos are great – catchy tunes, hilarious lyrics, pretty decent singing and acting.

Things I Love Thursday

Playing catch-up with my posts… I thought I’d be more on time, but apparently I suck at time management.

There’s a long weekend ahead because of Chinese New Year~ Two days off work plus a break from teaching at both the music school and the tuition place~ I can’t wait to sleep in and do nothing and maybe watch a bunch of shows!

-New jewellery~ because I got new clothes for the new year, I should get new jewellery too. Mainly a bunch of new stud earrings from this shop. They look so dainty and delicate~

I don’t really bother wearing those fancy jewellery to work these days, maybe it’s a change in taste, maybe it’s because I don’t want to stand out in my workplace, but I’m toning down on the accessories. You know that saying where you should take off 1 piece of accessory before you leave the house? Most of the days I’m turning up with only 1 item.

To be honest, I’ve never really watched The Daily Show when Jon Stewart was hosting it. (Yes, I’m an idiot.) But I knew that my brother watches it, because I’d hear the opening theme every night. I mostly got into it because I saw Trevor Noah appear on Would I Lie to You previously, and I wanted to watch stuff that he was in. So here we are now, a new fan of The Daily Show.

– I completed Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors! And by complete, I mean I got all of the endings possible, even the bad ones. And damn, it was a good game. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would actually. The puzzles were kind of easy though. Except yes, I did use guides to complete some of those math based puzzles because I’m that lazy. I understood the concept behind the puzzles but I really didn’t want to spend the time calculating shit.

The story line is pretty intriguing though, and I can’t say I expected the twist at the end of the true ending… Also, cliffhangers. Why.

– I’ve also just started watching Mikagura School Suite. It’s kind of a change of pace, for me, because… there seems to be yuri undertones, which makes it a stark contrast from my usual BL-leaning fare. But anyway, the main gist is that our main character Eruna is like a otaku who’s into those dating sims, doesn’t care too much about school and is a little on the dim and optimistic side. Her cousin recommends that she attend Mikagura Academy, and she goes because she develops a crush on one of the girls after seeing a picture of her on a school pamphlet. However, Mikagura isn’t a normal school – instead of normal club activities, students in various clubs battle one another to gain benefits.