To Test: Elie Saab; Rose Couture Le Parfum

Rose Couture is derived from the heart of the original and its signature notes of orange blossom, complemented by rose petals. The composition begins with a combination of orange blossom, silky rose petals and peony. The heart continues with accords of rose nectar, fruity nuances, jasmine and vanilla. The base tops it all with a woody accord of patchouli and sandalwood. Rose Couture’s bottle is tinted in pastel pink and decorated with embroidered motifs of rose. (source)

Omg, Kurkdjian, will you give my wallet a break? Seriously, I’m still quite annoyed that we didn’t bring in the Elie Saab La Collection des Essences line up, because those were so interesting!

But I know for sure that this Rose Couture will be a winner, the notes are so… safe and feminine. There’s the orange blossom and vanilla throwback to the original Le Parfum, which is found in all the flankers, from L’Eau Couture to the Resort Collection. Might probably be the sweetest out of the range, and oh-so-perfect for Valentines’ Day, considering it will launch in February.


goblin king.

David Bowie was a New Yorker for over 20 years. In Bowie years, that is practically an eternity considering the multitude of lives he lived — musically, geographically and otherwise — since he set out to become a star in the late 1960s.

“I can’t imagine living anywhere else,” said Mr. Bowie, who was born in Brixton in South London and had stints in Berlin; Lausanne, Switzerland; and several other cities, in a 2003 interview. “I’ve lived in New York longer than I’ve lived anywhere else. It’s amazing. I am a New Yorker.”

He somehow managed to settle into a domesticated life that resembled that of many others living in and around SoHo (though most do it without the supermodel wife and penthouse apartment): browsing the books at McNally Jackson and shopping for groceries at Dean & DeLuca, among other low-key adventures that he undertook in what the playwright John Guare called “this cloak of invisibility.”

Ten years had passed between 2003’s “Reality” and 2013’s “The Next Day,” leaving some to speculate that Mr. Bowie had either retired or become a recluse.

Neither was really true, as he still made his rounds around SoHo and was secretly working on “The Next Day,” but he seemed to enjoy his alone time more in his later years.

“David is even more of a homebody than I am. At least I go to parties once in awhile,” Iman told The Guardian in 2014, adding that he liked his own company. “I also think there is nothing that he hasn’t seen,” she said. (source)

your heart will be true

I had a longish talk – well, not talk, but exchange of messages. I’m not emotionally honest enough to talk about feelings and shit face to face. What can I say, I’m a Peralta – with a friend the other day, and somehow talking to someone helps you make sense of your own emotions. (Wow, such insight, much wonder. Call the press, amirite?)

And somehow this came out: it takes courage to be kind to people.

Oh yes, it’s so fucking duh, isn’t it? To be kind, to make an effort to care, to even want to please someone in some way or another, it takes courage. Or maybe I’m a coward who doesn’t understand how to be a good person.

It’s so easy to be stand-offish, to be suspicious of people; it’s been engrained into us. We have our modern devices, old-school hardcopy books, large earphones and arms crossed, all of which used to keep from interacting with our fellow passengers or pedestrians, or making eye contact with other people when walking on the streets. We hear announcements telling us to be alert for any suspicious activity, we have the media ranting on and on about terrorism and disease and war and refugees. It’s easier to keep to ourselves, stay within what we know, so as to not attract trouble or extra tasks.

So I think it’s hard to actually care genuinely for others, to the extent that you’d put yourself out there for them, dedicate time and effort, even if they never seem to appreciate anything you’ve done. It’s almost like an act of defiance, I’d say. Like a declaration saying, “I know it’s cooler to seem nonchalant and not care about anything, but hey, what’s wrong with wanting to be closer to another person, to understand how they feel and try to be good to them? Yeah, it may make you look like a nosy, annoying pest, but that’s because you value the person and your relationship with them.”

I’m the opposite of this, because I don’t see the point of trying to keep someone when they don’t want to stay, and I don’t want to be the person who cares more, as that would hurt. It’s not that I’ve never thought of trying to be nicer to people, but somehow things don’t progress beyond the confines of my mind. I’m not comfortable with expressing anything beyond the usual platitudes and niceties in person, and yeah, it’s probably something I should work on, as part of self-development. So I thought it was a step in the right direction when I unconsciously told my friend to continue being someone who cares because it takes work, and it takes courage.

in sleepless nights | a mixtape for the songs I play to sleep through the nights

because sometimes you have too much running through your brain and you need it to calm down so you can fall asleep and wake to face yet another shitty day

01 emilíana torrini – the sound of silence

02 kamelot – veil of elysium (acoustic)

03 john barrowman – amazing grace/loch lomond

04 rufus wainwright – hallelujah (cover)

05 amber run – I found (acoustic)

06 moumoon – hello, shooting star

07 enya – may it be

3 Shades of Red

My EoTD for 18/1/2016, because Nightwish.

Left: Blackbird Cosmetics; Ruca – a blackened matte red
Middle: Ophelia’s Apothecary; Garnet (now defunct, I think, due to health issues with the owner)
Right: Sugarpill Cosmetics; Asylum – shiny sexpot red with dramatic sparkle

Anyway, Ruca as the base, over Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance Eye Primer. No Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy was used because it doesn’t work with matte eyeshadows.

Sweep a light amount of Garnet over the outermost corner of the eye, since it is the darkest colour here, and then pat on Asylum from the inner corner to the middle of the eye.

I actually kept it simple because I foresee sweating and jumping like a loon during the gig, and I didn’t want makeup streaking down my face or what, so I ended up not using foundation, but just spot-concealing certain areas and doing my eyebrows. Some tightlining on the upper waterline and a coat of shu uemura mascara. My lipstick was a normal coral-red shade, but that got eaten off during dinner.

Things I Love Thursday

NIGHTWISH, you guys, I went and saw NIGHTWISH live. Fuck, I can die somewhat happy now. But seriously, the best would be if I could go back in time and watch Nightwish with Tarja. Because Floor is a goddess, but Tarja will always be number one.

I bought the VIP ticket the minute it went on sale on Sistic because wtf is the point of working if I don’t buy myself nice things? So I got to attend the Meet and Greet on Sunday, which was fucking awesome, since I got to shake hands with Tuomas (and the rest of the band), and god, Tuomas is a genius composer. And Emppu is so darn cute, plus a total troll during the concert itself :D. Marco’s beard is a thing of beauty, despite not being a beard person. I only wish Jukka was there as well. Oh! And I got to tell Floor that her makeup was awesome!! :DDDD

And one of the more fantastic thing about this gig was that I actually made new friends! :D I mean, I’m the type who goes to shows alone, and then feel all awkward queuing up and going in and then going cray-cray during the gig, and then going back alone, but this time, I got adopted by a group of friends. Because metalheads are the best type of people! :D They were really quite knowledgeable about music and instruments, and I could tell that they had a lot of experience and interest.

Merch I got: a T-Shirt + Poster + a DVD of their live DVD, Showtime, Storytime that one of my new friends was kind enough to give me when he saw that I didn’t bring anything to sign. (I was too awkward to tell him that I planned to buy merch inside for signing purposes; I didn’t want to bring their old albums because Floor wasn’t their frontwoman…)

I’ve been replaying a lot of old Nightwish songs since they didn’t play them during the gig. It was mostly stuff from their newest Endless Forms Most Beautiful album, because duh, that’s the tour name.

The gig setlist:

Before this becomes just a Nightwish love fest, here are some other things:

– Wandered around Haji Lane/Arab Street with a friend, ended up getting lost (my fault), and having ramen for dinner.

– Noel Fielding’s AMA on Reddit~

I’d love to watch his show live, or even pick his brain, because he seems both so fascinating and quirky, but also… vapid?

– Learning that Alanis Morissette loves perfumes too~ And I’m not talking like sponsored shit or mainstream designer stuff, Alanis knows her niche perfumes.

The Big Fat Quiz of Everything, with an awesome lineup: Jonathan Ross, Chelsea Peretti, Jack Whitehall, Mel Giedroyc, Noel Fielding, and Richard Ayoade!

As described by the site, Incredibox is a musical app in which you can quickly and easily create a mix by running a band of beatboxers. And it is freaking fun and time-wasting~ 10/10 would recommend when you’re super bored at work.

I just want to make it till the end

Oh yes, these days my emails have become increasingly snippy because of some arseholes. You guys are definitely not getting any preferential treatment, I’m sorry. If I have to hound you 5 million times, and as a last resort, call your boss to just get a hold of you? Dude, who the fuck do you think you are? I wouldn’t even put in this much effort to meet musicians I’m enamoured with.

Also, thanks to restructuring of statboards, I have even more shit to do before I can go. FML.