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dancing in cars: who did it better?

To be fair, Noel Fielding draws the eye no matter what’s he is doing; like I’d totally just sit and watch the dude walk across the street because he’d make it interesting. But the music really suited the scene that Ansel Elgort did; they really timed the music beautifully to the action sequences.

So, I went to watch Baby Driver the other day, and so far Edgar Wright has yet to disappoint me with how stylish and hilarious his films are.

The plot itself was straightforward and almost cliched, and sometimes the characters were really lacking in common sense or actual development, but the movie itself was so fun. Plus, I liked how they dropped pop culture references and worked foreshadowing into the story.

moon child | when you look up in the sky and hope to get a reply

01 toe – two moons
02 mae – the sun and the moon
03 bruno mars – talking to the moon
04 something corporate – me and the moon
05 billie holiday – I wish on the moon
06 josé gonzález – this is how we walk on the moon
07 andrea bocelli moon river
08 angelina jordan – fly me to the moon (acoustic)

it’s one more year, one more step to the edge
still lost and alone, still unsure of my place on this earth
but I’ve learned; maybe not a lot, but I tried; maybe a tad too little
so when I look up into the sky and take a breath
and see that you’re there high up, I try to reach out for a fleeting spark
there’s no fallen star and no shards of moon
only silence and the songs about the moon people have written.

the ruin of many a poor boy

*blows dust off* here, let’s have a less depressing post today, and talk about movies while vaguely spoiling them.

So I went to watch A Silent Voice the other day, and here’s some opinions in point form because ye gods, I’m not in the mood for forming actual paragraphs but I still want to write something because it’s getting crowded and noisy inside my brain where the stream of consciousness happens, and I’m kind of missing putting words to metaphorical paper.

– little kids are terrible creatures with no moral values.
– why on earth would you put a kid with special needs with a normal class? discounting the fact that kids are monsters and will make fun/bully anyone who is perceived as different, the kid won’t be able to learn effectively considering that the teachers aren’t trained to teach someone who is deaf, since they can’t use sign language and it’s not like they write every single thing they’re saying on the blackboard.
– I don’t understand why you’d shun your fellow bully instead of rallying around him, but then again, little kids don’t understand the concept of honour amongst thieves.
– also, I understand that moving away is probably expensive as hell, but c’mon, can’t you go to a school that’s further away so you can avoid people who used to be your friends and now hate you for some inexplicable reason? surely your town is capable for having more than a couple of schools?
– so little character development other than the main character growing the fuck up after being ostracised.
– the art was pretty though
– if I had to compare this with your name, I enjoyed Your Name a lot more, considering how Your Name had a better blend of comedy, romance, and sci-fi elements. this one was more about growing up and drama, I suppose
– I think I didn’t exactly enjoy Koe no Katachi because I feel like I’m outside of the target audience; I’m done with school, teenage angst doesn’t really bother me, not even when I was in school…

Also managed to catch T2 Trainspotting, which I enjoyed quite a fair bit despite having not watched the first movie.

– I enjoyed the soundtrack, it reminded me of the punk era, which is sort of the point, I guess, considering the characters grew up in that period, and T2 is all about straddling the line of nostalgia and the present.
– although I thought the plot itself was pretty cliched, the comedic parts were good, and I like that there was some character development, even as the characters fell back into their usual roles (I assume)
– have to admit, I also decided to watch this for the scottish accents aaaaaand jonny lee miller
– speaking of jonny lee miller, it’s so weird because I’ve gotten used to him playing recovering drug addict, sherlock, in elementary, and here he is playing the role of a drug addict.
– plus he dyed his hair a weird shade of blond *snicker*
– at the end of the film, I was thinking to myself, this is the kind of theme that I’d like, the notion of never learning anything, being bitten once, and getting bitten again and again, because life is just a loop and we can’t seem to break free

have a little patience

In this short Life
That only lasts an hour
How much — how little — is
Within our power
– Emily Dickenson

like everything else, this too will pass, so rather than thinking of running away, maybe I should give myself some more time.

I’ve basically been whinging to everyone about how much I hate this role, but maybe it’s time to grow up a little and think about how I can’t possibly stay in my own comfort zone all the freaking time. it sucks, but perhaps that’s the challenge of the year, to deal with it in a mature way instead of utilizing the escape route.

while the Dickenson quote is all about how life is short and how we shouldn’t squander our brief time on earth, I think I can see it going the other way around too, since it talks about how much or how little is in our power, and I’d say the way in which I see the situation also constitutes how much power I give it over me.

idk, does that make sense? it sounds logical in my brain, but whether or not that translates into actual words…

per caputque pedesque | a mixtape for valentines

because metal do love songs better than the average pop song. *shrug* it’s the truth, mate.

soles occidere et redire possunt
nobis, cum semel occidit brevis lux,
nox est perpetua una dormienda

01 x japan – forever love (piano instrumental)
輝く季節が 永遠に変わるまで Forever Love

02 dionysus – forever more
is there still an open door? / I will love you forever ever more

03 dreamaker – forever in your arms
that I only want to live forever in your arms

04 emerald – forever
together we reach out for the stars / no one will ever separate us

05 kamelot – forever
every breath I take brings me closer / closer to forever, to you

06 xandria – forever yours
it’s my blood that bleeds from your wounds / dearest you’re all that I need

07 stratovarius – forever
would you wait for me forever?

08 helloween – forever and one (neverland)
forever and one I will miss you / however, I kiss you yet again way down in Neverland

09 nightwish – forever yours
my time is yet to come / so I’ll be forever yours

10 xandria – now & forever
millions of songs all these years in my soul / and when we met I just knew they’re for you

11 meduza – now and forever
two souls meant for each other / together, now and forever

12 edenbridge – forever shine on
let us dream a dream forever shine on

just another day ending in y

let there be anarchy and who gives the shit about the various categories and my own vague promises.
(all images yanked from google, duh)

this is soooo gpoy it hurts (also, do we still say gpoy? idk what’s going on anymore internet, give me your dank memes, your rare pepes, your stolen reaction videos yearning to go viral)

work has been so shitty lately that I am completely resigned to the next 10 months being an utter pain the butt, devoid of any real joy in the workplace. my eyes will eventually fall out of my socket since I’ve been rolling them so hard and I’d probably have bitten my tongue off by then to stop myself from making snide remarks.

in fact today’s actually my first day back at work after the lunar new year break because I got strep throat and had a 2 day mc, in which I mostly slept a lot on the couch while marathoning netflix in my dreams.

maybe it’s the post-illness that’s making me so cranky, but not really, since I’ve been irritated with work since nearly after the first month or so.

I’m definitely not well suited to the industry, just based on my temperament and given my lack of interest in details and being meticulous in general, things are doubly annoying. I just want to be left alone in peace to do whatever shit you’ve assigned me – is that so hard to ask? am I really needed in those meetings, can’t someone else be the minutes taker instead, someone who actually has background to the issue at hand…

do you know what sort of thoughts run through my mind? things like hey, if a serial killer were to murder me or if paranormal activity were to occur, or if I got bitten by a poisonous spider, or I’m killed when jaywalking, at least I won’t have to turn up to work anymore. or hey, it’s only 10 more months to go, just as long as an unwanted pregnancy and abortion is now illegal thanks to republican bullshit.

the only response to people who go like, ‘so why don’t you just quit, right?’ also, I realised that I’ve been retail therapy-ing so hard recently because of work shit. also, the only good thing about this job is that it makes me fonder of my weekend jobs. not even joking – cajoling little kids to play bad piano is more fun than all this crap.

I have always believed, somewhere in the back of my head, that it would be nice to live in prison. Of
course I know that prison is not nice at all, but the thought persists nonetheless.

In the book, “The Loner’s Manifesto,” author Anneli Rufus (INT) notes, “When parents on TV shows
punished their kids by ordering them to go to their rooms, I was confused. I loved my room. Being
there behind a locked door was a treat. To me a punishment was being ordered to play Yahtzee with
my cousin Louis. I puzzled over why solitary confinement was considered the worst punishment in

Think of it–no responsibilities, free room and board. You can do anything you please with your
abundant spare time: read, write, create art, design things, study. No one to bother you or interrupt
your work.

I suspect that prison does not present as much suffering for INTPs as it does for other types. Of course,
it depends on the conditions in the particular prison. (source: Anna Moss; The Secret Lives of INTPs)

spring cleaning

I feel like there’s not really much point to having a blog if you don’t bother to update it regularly, and only step back in when you feel like, hey, I should visit this part of the internet and blow away all that metaphorical dust.

But it’s the new year – Lunar New Year – to be specific, because hey, doesn’t it feel like you have another new year to do over the first one if you think you can do better the second time round?

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5 Beauty Products to Buy for that Frivolous Person in your Life/Social Circle

So, Christmas is coming up, and you need a gift guide, sort of. But somehow you can’t just google ‘Gift Ideas for ____’ because you’re worried they might just check your browser history like some sort of weird creeper. (C’mon, I bet we all would check someone else’s browser history if we got the opportunity to do so. No? Just me? Ah shit). Anyway, here are 5 frivolous items that you don’t need to have in your life, but having it certainly doesn’t harm you.

01 Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit

Each full sized mask (150 ml) ranges from $80+ to $160+, so I thought this sampler kit (14 ml) was a good way to test out all of the mask available before thinking about committing to a full sized one. Plus, c’mon, how long would it take to use up a 150 ml face mask when we don’t normally apply them daily? I find that I take at least 3 months to finish up my daily cleanser, which is 200 ml, and I use it twice daily.

The set of masks here aims to help with a broad range of problems – the cucumber and marine algae masks are mostly hydrating, whereas the irish moor mud is purifying – and if you want to multitask your products, this would be easy enough. Like, you could always apply the purifying mask to your oily t-zone, and the hydrating ones to the cheek areas, as a sort of troubleshooting.

02 Urban Decay Vice Lip Palette
I understand some people just want to have a minimalist makeup collection, but c’mon, how can one or two lipstick shades last you an entire lifetime? Don’t you mean different colours for different seasons or different outfits, don’t you want to experiment with different looks? Or even different textures and finishes of the lipsticks themselves. But buying multiple full sized bullet lipsticks would be expensive and you won’t ever finish one if you have a large collection like me.

But here’s the good thing about the Vice Lip Palette, you get 12 shades, housed in a 0.7g pan, which doesn’t look as intimidating when you think about using up the products. Sure, you may be like, wtf am I going to do with a green lip colour? And that’s where I have to hush you because why you gotta hold yourself back? (But okay, seriously, I can’t pull off that green either. My undertones with that green shade? Just makes me look sallow and ill.)

03 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
You know, I thought this was a marketing gimmick but it actually works at blurring your pores by diffusing/reflecting light or some other sort of makeup bullshit. However it is definitely not a setting powder and it will not set your makeup at all. Instead, think of it as a Photoshop effect that helps to smooth out the fine lines and minor imperfection.

As usual, I like the palette version instead of buying the full sized compact because the palette gives you more variety and I will never be able to pan an entire compact so why not just get lesser overall product but get more shades since I’m the type who likes choices.

04 Lush Body Conditioner in Snow Fairy
I have talked about Lush’s Body Conditioner before, but it was in the original scent. This one, Snow Fairy, is for the holiday season, and if you ever wanted to smell like cotton candy, well, here is where it’s at.

It’s good for people who are too lazy to apply lotion or body cream or moisturizer (why are there so many names for the same type of product??) when they get out of the shower, but want soft skin (who doesn’t want soft skin???).

05 Maison Martin Margiela ‘Replica’ Filter: Blur
Marketed as an oil-based primer for perfumes, so that they last longer on your skin, I find that Blur (and the other Filter perfume oil, Glow) can be used on their own as a sort of lightweight perfume for both skin and hair. They add a nice soft sheen thanks to the oil. I find Blur to smell just a tad nicer, it’s soft and comforting whereas Glow is more tanned and sunshine-y, which are not my thing.