spring cleaning

I feel like there’s not really much point to having a blog if you don’t bother to update it regularly, and only step back in when you feel like, hey, I should visit this part of the internet and blow away all that metaphorical dust.

But it’s the new year – Lunar New Year – to be specific, because hey, doesn’t it feel like you have another new year to do over the first one if you think you can do better the second time round?

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Well, that was a surprisingly long break away from this part of the internet.

I have no idea where exactly I have been, except that I am now officially an unemployed bum or at least I have no real day job and I probably spend too much time at home than being a productive member of society.

I mean, yeah, I know I should probably be using this time to its fullest – sending resumes out to everyone and their mothers, and living a healthy lifestyle because I have the time to you know, be a responsible adult and caring about things like blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

So quick recap of the months:

– I finished Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and like oh my gosh, was that a mind trip. Seriously, I loved how the game made you jump through all the different options and endings just so that you can unravel the actual truth behind everything. And now I await the last installment in the Zero Escape series (Zero Time Dilemma) which will come out sometime in June. I bet the last one will be epic and maybe all the mysteries and cliffhangers will finally be resolved. Because while I understand the basic story lines and the plots of the first two games, there are still huge holes here and there.

– I got started on Rhythm Thief, which I wanted to play for some time already, but I could never find a physical 3DS copy. So instead I resorted to buying the digital version on my N3DS since I have a huge amount of space on my SD card. It’s super fun and super cute, and even though I’m not good at it, I just have a soft spot for rhythm/music games.

– But my pet peeve here: why the fuck are digital games just as expensive as physical ones? I mean, you don’t even need to print things or have physical cartridges… all they are doing is like making us pay a license fee to download the software. And all I know is that I’m spoiled by Steam and all the sales, making it dirt cheap to buy a ton of games.

– So… let’s just say that I didn’t think too highly when Netflix entered the scene, I mean, why would I when I can download whatever shows I want to watch easily. But I’ve changed my tune somewhat, mainly because I’m not paying for the subscription fee… heh. But also, it’s just useful – I can just turn on the app and watch all the random crap that I thought about watching but never got around to it out of laziness. So hurrah, Netflix is just going to make me even lazier.

Plus they have anime, though mostly old stuff. But still, good if I want to be mindlessly entertained for a while.

So far I’ve finished Season 3 of Elementary, caught up to Season 5 of The IT Crowd, rewatched available episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gintama, some Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin and Soul Eater and quite a number of stand up comedies available.

– My last team bonding with my coworkers at KF1 Karting Circuit, in which I reaffirmed my belief that I was not meant to take up driving.

– Caught my first movie in a while, Deadpool, a while back. And Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast :D The story line was a bit cliched and all, and idk what the two X-Men characters were doing in there, but hey it was still a fun romp with all the 4th wall breaking, pop culture references and exaggerated special effects.

– And now I just have to watch Captain America: Civil War now that my friends are finally free from exams and school traumas. Otherwise I don’t really have anything to watch beyond waiting for X-Men: Apocalypse to be released sometime this month.

– Bangkok trip~ 5 days of constant hanging out and interaction with the clique, and I’m glad to say that none of us revealed any terrible true colours and started to fray the friendship. In fact, we were just the same bunch of weirdos we have always been, and that’s the best part of it, I guess, knowing that we may have changed a lot since our secondary school days, but not the core parts of ourselves.

With regards to Bangkok, well, there was a lot of food, a lot of walking, a lot of random shopping and a lot of hot weather.

– I have no idea why I bought a Japanese 3DS except for the fact that I really want to play Taiko no Tatsujin games and also because I got my hands on the latest Haikyuu game~ :D

– Taiko no Tatsujin is a rhythm game in which you bang away at drums following the beat of the music. It’s pretty standard of all rhythm games, but the main pull is how adorable the game is.

– A coworker got me this nendoroid on my last day of work, mainly because I talked about it once in a presentation I had to do for the bi-monthly division meeting.

– Being a free spirit means that I get to do a lot of random shit, namely I got to practise a lot of my drums and I hope I’m improving even though I have very little confidence, heh.

Otherwise, it also allowed me to check out a few new food places:

Benjamin Browns Cafe – We had those Over the Top milkshakes where it was more about the good looks of the desserts rather than the actual taste of the food. They were also pretty pricey, which makes this a rare indulgence since I wasn’t that impressed with the drinks we got. Sure, it looks good but… they’re overly sweet and that’s all there is.

Penny University – I had the above Mushroom & Spinach sandwich when I went to Penny University the other day with a couple of friends. We had complimentary truffle fries because one of the orders weren’t available and I got to try out the coffee which was… okay, I guess?

Craftsmen Speciality Coffee – we had dessert here, but no coffee for me, despite it being their speciality.

And hey, with the amount of time I have currently, hopefully I’ll be able to write more these days.