Protected: 无名的秘密 | a mixtape for the dark days and darker moods

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谁哭着/谁笑着: 一人分饰两个角色 | a playlist for the pisces heart

The beat of her wings rests upon our ears
like distant thunder
like the strike of the moon across the hot black sky
She is a rising star and a falling thought
the sweet caress of the mind washed smooth by sleep

01 Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved 2017 (Kyle Landry)
02 張惠妹 – 默
(忍不住化身一条固执的鱼 逆着洋流独自游到底)
03 Plastic Tree – Alone Again, Wonderful World
(アローンアゲイン 頼りない世界。グルグル、いつまでも回る。| うずまく心は七色。)
04 The Rasmus – Paradise
(I was trying to find a better way but every day’s the same | I’m trying to break the numbness and it’s driving me insane)
05 Fall Out Boy – Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
(I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color)
06 華晨宇 – 異類
(当听到我撕裂的声音 | 就算被这个世界冷眼被人们所敌对 | 也无所谓那就请你当我是个异类)
07 Rentrer en Soi – I hate myself and want to
(誰も救ってはくれない あぁ滲(し)み潰される 苦悩に溺れた 自分を殺したい)
08 Alan Walker feat. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals – All Falls Down
(‘Cause when it all falls down, then whatever)

moon child | when you look up in the sky and hope to get a reply

01 toe – two moons
02 mae – the sun and the moon
03 bruno mars – talking to the moon
04 something corporate – me and the moon
05 billie holiday – I wish on the moon
06 josé gonzález – this is how we walk on the moon
07 andrea bocelli moon river
08 angelina jordan – fly me to the moon (acoustic)

it’s one more year, one more step to the edge
still lost and alone, still unsure of my place on this earth
but I’ve learned; maybe not a lot, but I tried; maybe a tad too little
so when I look up into the sky and take a breath
and see that you’re there high up, I try to reach out for a fleeting spark
there’s no fallen star and no shards of moon
only silence and the songs about the moon people have written.

from the ashes

I’ve recently just restarted playing Dragon Age: Inquisition (DA:I), picking up where I last left off. I think it’s because I’ve started working again, and I needed something to destress with, though I don’t think I’m stressed most of the time. But it’s just because I realised I don’t have all the time in the world, and I really ought to clear all the unfinished business.

But replaying DA:I just made me remember why I never finished it in the first place, considering how much time and how many run throughs I did with Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O) and Dragon Age 2 (DA2). Though to be honest, in most of my playthroughs, I made the same major decisions most of the time because there are some things I just cannot budge on. Like, mages over templars all the freaking time. It’s not that I don’t understand the importance of the templars, but they’re terrible guardians. And it’s not like I haven’t been disappointed and betrayed by the mages, but I still sympathise with them 90% of the time.

Anyway, there are 3 main reasons why I couldn’t finish DA:I during my first run.

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here’s my ten cents, my two cents is free

Guess who’s back, back again? *sheepish wave*

It has been a while since I retreated to this corner of the internet, hasn’t it, like around half a year? Idk, I suppose I didn’t really feel like posting despite having things to talk about. But hey, I thought it was high time to come back before I stop being able to put thoughts and feelings into actual sentences, because we all know that the thoughts that flow through one’s mind move really quickly and are normally only half-formed. (Or at least that’s my experience? I tend to think in half-sentences because my mind knows what I’m trying to say without having to craft everything into proper thoughts as though I’m trying to explain something to another person outside of my mind.)

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somewhere I belong

(sorry for the tacky Linkin Park title – it’s just that I’ve been assigned a Linkin Park song for drum class a while back and it has somehow restarted my little emofest with the band. also late night ramblings up here, probably incoherent crap.)

If someone were to ask me if I like living in Singapore, I would very logically be able to make several points in the pro column:

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can we be sad for a moment? | a mixtape to be alone with

to be honest, I hope this is some sort of PMS roller coaster of hormones and emotions, and not symptomatic of a larger issue like depression or something (because hey, we self-diagnose all the time and come up with the worst case scenarios).

01 Evanescence — Bring Me To Life (piano cover)
bring me to life (I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside)

02 Green Day – 21 Guns
do you know what’s worth fighting for / when it’s not worth dying for?

03 Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit
I don’t know what’s worth fighting for / or why I have to scream

04 The Rasmus – Last Waltz
I can’t explain it, I feel insecure / say it simple: “You die just to live again.”

05 Coldplay – Fix You
when you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep

06 Alan Walker ft. Iselin Solheim – Sing Me to Sleep
won’t you sing me to sleep now?

07 Ólafur Arnalds ft. Arnór Dan – For Now I am Winter
for now I am winter / lungs debut…