Batiste; Dry Shampoo (Cherry)

Dry shampoo is basically a type of powder ‘shampoo’ that absorbs the grease from your hair without needing to use regular liquid-based shampoo or rinsing with water.

As you know, in order to extend the lifespan of coloured hair, especially when it’s an unnatural colour, you should wait up to three days before washing it with water. However, what happens if you tend to get greasy hair if you don’t wash it daily? That’s when the dry shampoo steps in. With a few sprays here and there, you can eliminate (or at least reduce) the grease from your roots, and get on with your day with clean smelling hair.

I knew I needed a dry shampoo, but I had no real opinion about Batiste or any other brands of dry shampoo available on the shelf. The main draw for me was the fact that the Batiste dry shampoos came in two sizes, the original 200ml or a mini 50ml travel size. I got the mini size as a sort of trial, since I wasn’t sure it would be effective.

But yeah, I ended up being pleasantly surprised that the product actually worked pretty well at absorbing excess oil, and not leaving any chalky residue or had any unpleasant side effects like scalp irritation/dandruff. So, 10/10 would recommend, and I’m sort of curious to test out the other fragrances.


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