dancing in cars: who did it better?

To be fair, Noel Fielding draws the eye no matter what’s he is doing; like I’d totally just sit and watch the dude walk across the street because he’d make it interesting. But the music really suited the scene that Ansel Elgort did; they really timed the music beautifully to the action sequences.

So, I went to watch Baby Driver the other day, and so far Edgar Wright has yet to disappoint me with how stylish and hilarious his films are.

The plot itself was straightforward and almost cliched, and sometimes the characters were really lacking in common sense or actual development, but the movie itself was so fun. Plus, I liked how they dropped pop culture references and worked foreshadowing into the story.


moon child | when you look up in the sky and hope to get a reply

01 toe – two moons
02 mae – the sun and the moon
03 bruno mars – talking to the moon
04 something corporate – me and the moon
05 billie holiday – I wish on the moon
06 josé gonzález – this is how we walk on the moon
07 andrea bocelli moon river
08 angelina jordan – fly me to the moon (acoustic)

it’s one more year, one more step to the edge
still lost and alone, still unsure of my place on this earth
but I’ve learned; maybe not a lot, but I tried; maybe a tad too little
so when I look up into the sky and take a breath
and see that you’re there high up, I try to reach out for a fleeting spark
there’s no fallen star and no shards of moon
only silence and the songs about the moon people have written.