the ruin of many a poor boy

*blows dust off* here, let’s have a less depressing post today, and talk about movies while vaguely spoiling them.

So I went to watch A Silent Voice the other day, and here’s some opinions in point form because ye gods, I’m not in the mood for forming actual paragraphs but I still want to write something because it’s getting crowded and noisy inside my brain where the stream of consciousness happens, and I’m kind of missing putting words to metaphorical paper.

– little kids are terrible creatures with no moral values.
– why on earth would you put a kid with special needs with a normal class? discounting the fact that kids are monsters and will make fun/bully anyone who is perceived as different, the kid won’t be able to learn effectively considering that the teachers aren’t trained to teach someone who is deaf, since they can’t use sign language and it’s not like they write every single thing they’re saying on the blackboard.
– I don’t understand why you’d shun your fellow bully instead of rallying around him, but then again, little kids don’t understand the concept of honour amongst thieves.
– also, I understand that moving away is probably expensive as hell, but c’mon, can’t you go to a school that’s further away so you can avoid people who used to be your friends and now hate you for some inexplicable reason? surely your town is capable for having more than a couple of schools?
– so little character development other than the main character growing the fuck up after being ostracised.
– the art was pretty though
– if I had to compare this with your name, I enjoyed Your Name a lot more, considering how Your Name had a better blend of comedy, romance, and sci-fi elements. this one was more about growing up and drama, I suppose
– I think I didn’t exactly enjoy Koe no Katachi because I feel like I’m outside of the target audience; I’m done with school, teenage angst doesn’t really bother me, not even when I was in school…

Also managed to catch T2 Trainspotting, which I enjoyed quite a fair bit despite having not watched the first movie.

– I enjoyed the soundtrack, it reminded me of the punk era, which is sort of the point, I guess, considering the characters grew up in that period, and T2 is all about straddling the line of nostalgia and the present.
– although I thought the plot itself was pretty cliched, the comedic parts were good, and I like that there was some character development, even as the characters fell back into their usual roles (I assume)
– have to admit, I also decided to watch this for the scottish accents aaaaaand jonny lee miller
– speaking of jonny lee miller, it’s so weird because I’ve gotten used to him playing recovering drug addict, sherlock, in elementary, and here he is playing the role of a drug addict.
– plus he dyed his hair a weird shade of blond *snicker*
– at the end of the film, I was thinking to myself, this is the kind of theme that I’d like, the notion of never learning anything, being bitten once, and getting bitten again and again, because life is just a loop and we can’t seem to break free


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