have a little patience

In this short Life
That only lasts an hour
How much — how little — is
Within our power
– Emily Dickenson

like everything else, this too will pass, so rather than thinking of running away, maybe I should give myself some more time.

I’ve basically been whinging to everyone about how much I hate this role, but maybe it’s time to grow up a little and think about how I can’t possibly stay in my own comfort zone all the freaking time. it sucks, but perhaps that’s the challenge of the year, to deal with it in a mature way instead of utilizing the escape route.

while the Dickenson quote is all about how life is short and how we shouldn’t squander our brief time on earth, I think I can see it going the other way around too, since it talks about how much or how little is in our power, and I’d say the way in which I see the situation also constitutes how much power I give it over me.

idk, does that make sense? it sounds logical in my brain, but whether or not that translates into actual words…