per caputque pedesque | a mixtape for valentines

because metal do love songs better than the average pop song. *shrug* it’s the truth, mate.

soles occidere et redire possunt
nobis, cum semel occidit brevis lux,
nox est perpetua una dormienda

01 x japan – forever love (piano instrumental)
輝く季節が 永遠に変わるまで Forever Love

02 dionysus – forever more
is there still an open door? / I will love you forever ever more

03 dreamaker – forever in your arms
that I only want to live forever in your arms

04 emerald – forever
together we reach out for the stars / no one will ever separate us

05 kamelot – forever
every breath I take brings me closer / closer to forever, to you

06 xandria – forever yours
it’s my blood that bleeds from your wounds / dearest you’re all that I need

07 stratovarius – forever
would you wait for me forever?

08 helloween – forever and one (neverland)
forever and one I will miss you / however, I kiss you yet again way down in Neverland

09 nightwish – forever yours
my time is yet to come / so I’ll be forever yours

10 xandria – now & forever
millions of songs all these years in my soul / and when we met I just knew they’re for you

11 meduza – now and forever
two souls meant for each other / together, now and forever

12 edenbridge – forever shine on
let us dream a dream forever shine on


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