spring cleaning

I feel like there’s not really much point to having a blog if you don’t bother to update it regularly, and only step back in when you feel like, hey, I should visit this part of the internet and blow away all that metaphorical dust.

But it’s the new year – Lunar New Year – to be specific, because hey, doesn’t it feel like you have another new year to do over the first one if you think you can do better the second time round?

But I suppose the handy excuse would be work has been a giant bitch – it’s draining in the bad way, and I don’t exactly have a lot of interest or passion in the field. They say that INTPs and INFPs are tied for having the lowest job satisfaction of all types (Myers, McCaulley, Quenk & Hammer, 1998). And perhaps all of us actually secretly hate our jobs, but these two groups are the only ones willing to whinge about it constantly on social media or something. Seriously, to the people who get my drivel on their Twitter timeline, thanks for not unfollowing me, haha.

Plus, you only have so much time when you finally drag yourself from work (I’ve been doing overtime for the last month or so not because I want to but because the boss likes to set last minute late meetings that drag on forever and then assign work after said meetings. which is so annoying but you can’t exactly tell her to fuck off, and still keep the job.)

And Netflix is such a huge time sinker – you don’t even need to be watching anything to waste time; browsing through the library and reading the summary can eat a large chunk of time. Somehow I just end up rewatching series I’m done watching. (Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either). Also mobile games can be strangely addictive even though you used to scoff at them once. Plus, guess who went ahead to buy even more DS games just because they were on sale? I told myself I’d hold out for a better deal regarding Fire Emblem Fates, but in the end, I just got Conquest because I felt as though I might as well get it over and done with.

Did some non-metaphorical spring cleaning, and guess what, I still have space on my bookshelves if I continue to double stack everything and pray the structural integrity doesn’t give out. Still have to clear out my wardrobe though, and that’s one daunting task – mainly because I’m terrible at folding clothes into neat piles.

As with all resolutions and promises made on the new year, this is likely doomed to fail, but let’s just hope the next post doesn’t take two months in the making.


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