being natural is simply a pose

Are you super lazy? Do you want your no-makeup makeup look to reaaaally look as though you have zero products on your face instead of obviously looking like you have tinted moisturizer/bb cream on, or low-key contouring. The second kind of no-makeup natural looking makeup takes me forever to do at times, because you have to keep things light and subtle, which is probably harder than doing a whole full face because there you don’t to be subtle and draw your eyebrows on as tiny individual strokes or blend your eyeshadows until your eyelids scream for mercy.

Here’s my less than 10 minutes lazy person routine (if we’re excluding the time it takes for me to pop in my contact lenses, change my Spotify playlists ten thousand times, or stopping to spot clean my makeup palettes/brushes)

Step 1: prime

I like using Shu Uemura’s Block: Booster for this, since it’s like a 3-in-1; it primes your skin so that your base lasts longer, but it also has moisturizing effect and SPF, so I mainly use it as sunscreen and moisturizer, since this routine has absolutely no foundation or BB cream.

Step 2: eyebrows

While waiting for the primer to sink in and settle, I’d do my brows here, either with a normal eyebrow pencil or Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) dipbrow pomade (pictured above) with an angled eyeshadow brush.

No Instagram/block brows for me, because it just doesn’t suit my face and overly styled brows scare me. So, this one is pretty quick, just fill in the gaps accordingly and done.

Step 3: concealer

Now we put our primer to work, by dabbing thin layers of concealer over things you need to conceal. Since I’m not using any other base makeup, I think the primer is necessary so that your concealer lasts longer and works less than it would over bare skin. I use Nars Creamy Concealer for mostly pimples/discoloration, and the lightest swipe of YSL’s Touche Eclat over dark circles, though I don’t really care about concealing my dark circles.

Step 4: blush

I’d say go for a very natural sort of colour here, and I tend to use Becca’s mineral blush in Wild Honey, which kind of looks peachy terracotta colour to me. Just the lightest sweep of colour closer to the edges of my face, just to have a slight contouring effect. If I’m fancy (which I’m not), I’ll sweep a brighter blush, like Flowerchild on the tops of the cheekbones (but not to the extent of going under the eyes), to create a minimal igari sort of look.

Step 5: finishing powder 

Either use a setting powder to set your concealer and blush, or you could opt for Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder to give yourself a sort of blurring filter effect. I used to think the hype around ALP was just some sort of marketing scheme, but it’s actually pretty good at blurring pores and giving your skin a nice natural sheen.

Step 6: clear mascara (+ lining my upper waterline if I know I won’t be rubbing my eyes constantly)

I don’t have long enough eyelashes to curl them without fear of just pinching my eyes with the metal torture device called an eyelash curler, and I’m too lazy to use the eyelash heater in the morning, so I just brush Shu Uemura’s lash builder through my eyelashes and we’re good to go.

I usually don’t bother with eyeliner since pencil eyeliners smudges as though grunge is coming back, I take too freaking long with liquid liners, and gel liners means I need to use a brush (which is another extra thing to wash).

Step 7: lip tint

I like Lancome’s Juicy Shaker, I use Berry Tale for this, which is just slightly redder than my own lip colour, though it’s pretty sheer. It’s a lip oil, so it doesn’t dry out my lips, (who likes chapped lips) but the downside is that it doesn’t last very long. Plus, I think you can create one of those Korean ombre lips look with this sort of lip tints since they’re so lightweight.


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