Sixteen92; 2016 Winter Collection

it’s been a while since I did one of these, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve even gotten around to fully testing out the Halloween/Fall collections, which I’ve received quite a while ago. Why? Sheer laziness, I suppose, and a general sort of tiredness regarding indie perfumes. Not that I’ve been blown away with mainstream/designer/crazily priced niche houses either. These days my go-to scent is Maison Martin Margiela’s Flying, which I’ll be posting about next week, when I’ve put my floating thoughts down into words.

Sixteen92 always has impeccable presentation and branding, and perhaps it’s this clean sharp image that keeps me coming back despite the fact that their perfumes don’t always resonate with me. But the website is so nicely designed, the perfume vials/bottles are neatly labelled with clear logos and a good font, plus the card describing the notes looks good pinned on my walls… yeah, I’m a sucker for branding.

The 2016 Winter Collection is inspired by the elements as represented by gemstones/crystals.

Black Tourmaline (earth: purification, grounding, protection from negative energies)
☾ Notes: saffron, oud, blackened woods, tonka, vetiver, copal, suede ☽
To be honest, I gagged a little when I gave the vial a quick whiff. Too much suede and vetiver for my liking. On my skin, it’s definitely an overload of suede, but not as bad since I can smell the oud, and oud is one of my go-to scents. Anyway, definitely earthy, very grounded sort of scent. Overall, it’s one of those warm perfumes with a twist of darkness, like you’re all bundled up indoors but you spy a pair of golden eyes in the distance while looking out of the window, and your heart beats just a little faster.

Carnelian (fire: creativity, courage, passion)
☾ Notes: fiery clove bud, espresso, dry coconut husk, black vanilla pod, blood orange ☽
Oh my god, I thought I was going to hate this because I don’t do clove, but this one may be my favourite out of the lot. Coffee, it smells like a strong dose of authentic java, sweetened slightly with vanilla with the lightest dusting of coconut flakes. There’s a hint of clove, but it’s not overwhelming, instead it floats in the background to give the perfume a kick and amplify the coffee.

Kyanite (storm: channeling, psychic energy, meditation & dream recall)
☾ Notes: smoked resins, hazelnut, caramel, temple incense, white sandalwood ☽
This one is good too, but not as delicious as Carnelian. A little nutty, but sweet overall thanks to the incense and white sandalwood, and I also want to describe it as creamy though I don’t know exactly why I’d say that, but Idk, I can imagine this perfume being spread evenly with a butter knife.

Labradorite (wind: magick & transformation, psychic development, aura protection)
☾ Notes: mandarin, narcissus, licorice, warm amber, labdanum, sandalwood ☽
I wanted to like this, since I find labradorite to be a very pretty stone. Buuuut I’m not sure, maybe it’s the weird mixture of narcissus and amber and labdanum. I find narcissus to be a sort of light watery musky sort of scent which doesn’t exactly jive with amber or labdanum. To me, it doesn’t feel like a scent about wind it’s too green, like a sort of lotus flower.

Moonstone (water: intuition, spiritual guidance, introspection)
☾ Notes: white iris, amaryllis, tuberose, winter violets, chilled honey, ozone, vanilla ☽
The perfect winter floral scent – it’s cold but earthy, because of the iris and tuberose, but not too green since the honey note helps to sweeten the overall scent. But you feel a chill, almost metallic, from the ozone. It’s good, in the way it reminds me of Serge Lutens’ Silver Iris Mist – it’s the same sort of coldness that speaks to me.


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