baby it’s not cold outside

I’m perpetually stuck in the wrong season – it’s humid and sunny here in Singapore and it’s only cold when you’re in the office or malls, but I’m constantly drawn to the outerwear section whenever it comes to clothes shopping.

I got two more coats during a Black Friday sale, and to be honest, I kind of regretted my impulse buys because dude, I won’t be wearing them here unless we suddenly experience a drop of at least 15 degrees. Which, who knows, maybe climate change will trigger some sort of nuclear winter apocalypse, though it probably will be the opposite, plus flooding will occur or something. Both of which are not coat-wearing occasions ):

Of course, as usual, my mother looked at my purchases and wonders where she got such a frivolous kid when she’s the practical type. Like, oops, sorry, I just happen to like covering myself from head to toe in black, and have a hood obscuring my face from light. Bonus points if my clothes are decorated with safety pins and zippers and metal chains. (So emokid it hurts, basically).

Lol. Wait till she sees my oversized Omocat shirts.


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