5 Beauty Products to Buy for that Frivolous Person in your Life/Social Circle

So, Christmas is coming up, and you need a gift guide, sort of. But somehow you can’t just google ‘Gift Ideas for ____’ because you’re worried they might just check your browser history like some sort of weird creeper. (C’mon, I bet we all would check someone else’s browser history if we got the opportunity to do so. No? Just me? Ah shit). Anyway, here are 5 frivolous items that you don’t need to have in your life, but having it certainly doesn’t harm you.

01 Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit

Each full sized mask (150 ml) ranges from $80+ to $160+, so I thought this sampler kit (14 ml) was a good way to test out all of the mask available before thinking about committing to a full sized one. Plus, c’mon, how long would it take to use up a 150 ml face mask when we don’t normally apply them daily? I find that I take at least 3 months to finish up my daily cleanser, which is 200 ml, and I use it twice daily.

The set of masks here aims to help with a broad range of problems – the cucumber and marine algae masks are mostly hydrating, whereas the irish moor mud is purifying – and if you want to multitask your products, this would be easy enough. Like, you could always apply the purifying mask to your oily t-zone, and the hydrating ones to the cheek areas, as a sort of troubleshooting.

02 Urban Decay Vice Lip Palette
I understand some people just want to have a minimalist makeup collection, but c’mon, how can one or two lipstick shades last you an entire lifetime? Don’t you mean different colours for different seasons or different outfits, don’t you want to experiment with different looks? Or even different textures and finishes of the lipsticks themselves. But buying multiple full sized bullet lipsticks would be expensive and you won’t ever finish one if you have a large collection like me.

But here’s the good thing about the Vice Lip Palette, you get 12 shades, housed in a 0.7g pan, which doesn’t look as intimidating when you think about using up the products. Sure, you may be like, wtf am I going to do with a green lip colour? And that’s where I have to hush you because why you gotta hold yourself back? (But okay, seriously, I can’t pull off that green either. My undertones with that green shade? Just makes me look sallow and ill.)

03 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
You know, I thought this was a marketing gimmick but it actually works at blurring your pores by diffusing/reflecting light or some other sort of makeup bullshit. However it is definitely not a setting powder and it will not set your makeup at all. Instead, think of it as a Photoshop effect that helps to smooth out the fine lines and minor imperfection.

As usual, I like the palette version instead of buying the full sized compact because the palette gives you more variety and I will never be able to pan an entire compact so why not just get lesser overall product but get more shades since I’m the type who likes choices.

04 Lush Body Conditioner in Snow Fairy
I have talked about Lush’s Body Conditioner before, but it was in the original scent. This one, Snow Fairy, is for the holiday season, and if you ever wanted to smell like cotton candy, well, here is where it’s at.

It’s good for people who are too lazy to apply lotion or body cream or moisturizer (why are there so many names for the same type of product??) when they get out of the shower, but want soft skin (who doesn’t want soft skin???).

05 Maison Martin Margiela ‘Replica’ Filter: Blur
Marketed as an oil-based primer for perfumes, so that they last longer on your skin, I find that Blur (and the other Filter perfume oil, Glow) can be used on their own as a sort of lightweight perfume for both skin and hair. They add a nice soft sheen thanks to the oil. I find Blur to smell just a tad nicer, it’s soft and comforting whereas Glow is more tanned and sunshine-y, which are not my thing.


being natural is simply a pose

Are you super lazy? Do you want your no-makeup makeup look to reaaaally look as though you have zero products on your face instead of obviously looking like you have tinted moisturizer/bb cream on, or low-key contouring. The second kind of no-makeup natural looking makeup takes me forever to do at times, because you have to keep things light and subtle, which is probably harder than doing a whole full face because there you don’t to be subtle and draw your eyebrows on as tiny individual strokes or blend your eyeshadows until your eyelids scream for mercy.

Here’s my less than 10 minutes lazy person routine (if we’re excluding the time it takes for me to pop in my contact lenses, change my Spotify playlists ten thousand times, or stopping to spot clean my makeup palettes/brushes)

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from the ashes

I’ve recently just restarted playing Dragon Age: Inquisition (DA:I), picking up where I last left off. I think it’s because I’ve started working again, and I needed something to destress with, though I don’t think I’m stressed most of the time. But it’s just because I realised I don’t have all the time in the world, and I really ought to clear all the unfinished business.

But replaying DA:I just made me remember why I never finished it in the first place, considering how much time and how many run throughs I did with Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O) and Dragon Age 2 (DA2). Though to be honest, in most of my playthroughs, I made the same major decisions most of the time because there are some things I just cannot budge on. Like, mages over templars all the freaking time. It’s not that I don’t understand the importance of the templars, but they’re terrible guardians. And it’s not like I haven’t been disappointed and betrayed by the mages, but I still sympathise with them 90% of the time.

Anyway, there are 3 main reasons why I couldn’t finish DA:I during my first run.

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Sixteen92; 2016 Winter Collection

it’s been a while since I did one of these, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve even gotten around to fully testing out the Halloween/Fall collections, which I’ve received quite a while ago. Why? Sheer laziness, I suppose, and a general sort of tiredness regarding indie perfumes. Not that I’ve been blown away with mainstream/designer/crazily priced niche houses either. These days my go-to scent is Maison Martin Margiela’s Flying, which I’ll be posting about next week, when I’ve put my floating thoughts down into words.

Sixteen92 always has impeccable presentation and branding, and perhaps it’s this clean sharp image that keeps me coming back despite the fact that their perfumes don’t always resonate with me. But the website is so nicely designed, the perfume vials/bottles are neatly labelled with clear logos and a good font, plus the card describing the notes looks good pinned on my walls… yeah, I’m a sucker for branding.

The 2016 Winter Collection is inspired by the elements as represented by gemstones/crystals.

Black Tourmaline (earth: purification, grounding, protection from negative energies)
☾ Notes: saffron, oud, blackened woods, tonka, vetiver, copal, suede ☽
To be honest, I gagged a little when I gave the vial a quick whiff. Too much suede and vetiver for my liking. On my skin, it’s definitely an overload of suede, but not as bad since I can smell the oud, and oud is one of my go-to scents. Anyway, definitely earthy, very grounded sort of scent. Overall, it’s one of those warm perfumes with a twist of darkness, like you’re all bundled up indoors but you spy a pair of golden eyes in the distance while looking out of the window, and your heart beats just a little faster.

Carnelian (fire: creativity, courage, passion)
☾ Notes: fiery clove bud, espresso, dry coconut husk, black vanilla pod, blood orange ☽
Oh my god, I thought I was going to hate this because I don’t do clove, but this one may be my favourite out of the lot. Coffee, it smells like a strong dose of authentic java, sweetened slightly with vanilla with the lightest dusting of coconut flakes. There’s a hint of clove, but it’s not overwhelming, instead it floats in the background to give the perfume a kick and amplify the coffee.

Kyanite (storm: channeling, psychic energy, meditation & dream recall)
☾ Notes: smoked resins, hazelnut, caramel, temple incense, white sandalwood ☽
This one is good too, but not as delicious as Carnelian. A little nutty, but sweet overall thanks to the incense and white sandalwood, and I also want to describe it as creamy though I don’t know exactly why I’d say that, but Idk, I can imagine this perfume being spread evenly with a butter knife.

Labradorite (wind: magick & transformation, psychic development, aura protection)
☾ Notes: mandarin, narcissus, licorice, warm amber, labdanum, sandalwood ☽
I wanted to like this, since I find labradorite to be a very pretty stone. Buuuut I’m not sure, maybe it’s the weird mixture of narcissus and amber and labdanum. I find narcissus to be a sort of light watery musky sort of scent which doesn’t exactly jive with amber or labdanum. To me, it doesn’t feel like a scent about wind it’s too green, like a sort of lotus flower.

Moonstone (water: intuition, spiritual guidance, introspection)
☾ Notes: white iris, amaryllis, tuberose, winter violets, chilled honey, ozone, vanilla ☽
The perfect winter floral scent – it’s cold but earthy, because of the iris and tuberose, but not too green since the honey note helps to sweeten the overall scent. But you feel a chill, almost metallic, from the ozone. It’s good, in the way it reminds me of Serge Lutens’ Silver Iris Mist – it’s the same sort of coldness that speaks to me.

baby it’s not cold outside

I’m perpetually stuck in the wrong season – it’s humid and sunny here in Singapore and it’s only cold when you’re in the office or malls, but I’m constantly drawn to the outerwear section whenever it comes to clothes shopping.

I got two more coats during a Black Friday sale, and to be honest, I kind of regretted my impulse buys because dude, I won’t be wearing them here unless we suddenly experience a drop of at least 15 degrees. Which, who knows, maybe climate change will trigger some sort of nuclear winter apocalypse, though it probably will be the opposite, plus flooding will occur or something. Both of which are not coat-wearing occasions ):

Of course, as usual, my mother looked at my purchases and wonders where she got such a frivolous kid when she’s the practical type. Like, oops, sorry, I just happen to like covering myself from head to toe in black, and have a hood obscuring my face from light. Bonus points if my clothes are decorated with safety pins and zippers and metal chains. (So emokid it hurts, basically).

Lol. Wait till she sees my oversized Omocat shirts.