quick thoughts on work

it’s sad, but I’m only halfway through my second week and I’ve fallen ill. it’s like my body is adjusting to all the work shit all over again since I had such a long hiatus.

01 casual dress code is the best thing ever. seriously. but it also makes me want to go shopping for more shit to wear to work.

02 still goddamn awkward around people despite getting over the whole ‘shy/introverted’ thing. I mean, fake it till you make it, sure, but if you’re not very comfortable with people in general, it shows up, no matter how much I laugh along with their in-jokes and pretend to be outgoing.

03 music is a lifesaver. okay, like this is applicable in all scenarios, but basically music is the main thing that is keeping me awake at work when all I want to be is a zombie. like, I was so relieved to see people using earphones on the third day that I threw all caution to the winds and hit up my Spotify playlists.

04 heeeelllo, procrastination, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. yes, a terrible bad habit but so far, I’ve managed to complete my tasks as quickly as possible (though not without pesky minor errors that could have been caught with some checking) so that I can you know, surf the net, check out reddit, read fic…

05 the cynic in me lives on – I still can’t stand all those inspirational motivational shit that leaders like to sprout. yeah, tell me what to do, give me deadlines and give me the money, but don’t try and inspire me with your words because I’m like the running creek, everything gonna flow right by and I’m too jaded for your ra-ra feel good maxims. it’s all just marketing lingo and neuro-linguistic programming to me.


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