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Because I haven’t been watching anime for ages, and of course once I go back, I dive in deeeeep. But really, fansub groups are the best – they sub shows even though they have no real incentive to do so, in fact, some might even be threatened to stop because intellectual property and all that legal stuff, and people don’t always appreciate their efforts (this goes to those scanalating teams for manga as well.)

Anyway, here are some anime that I watched in July, some of them I’ve completed, some of them I’m watching as they air in Japan, others are old shows that I’m slowly catching up with. Shows are listed alphabetically because I’m anal like that.

– Ace Attorney (caught up)
 (sorry! no credits because I can’t find the tumblr link!)

I have finally caught up with the latest episode of Ace Attorney, which I’m enjoying quite a fair bit. They have retained much of the original game, but made their own marks by adding details as well as simplifying and changing a little of the games. But the general atmosphere remains and it’s a really fun watch. The characters are appropriately quirky and the voices are really fitting too.

To be honest, I’ve only finished the first Phoenix Wright game, I’m still at the last trial for Justice for All, half way through the first case for Trials and Tribulations. Can’t remember where I was in Apollo Justice, but I remember I’ve only cleared one case for Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Come to think of it… I’ve only finished 5 DS games, and I have a library of 30+ games. Gosh, I have so much backlog.

– Aoharu x Machinegun (completed)
This one isn’t really a new anime, but I didn’t know it existed until I started reading the manga series! Anyway, the main character (the short blond kid) is a girl, who just so happens to look more like a dude, and somehow long story short, she’s drafted into playing survival games with the taller blond dude and the gloomy black haired guy. It’s like paintball, except with BB guns.

Pretty interesting storyline, but really, they need to give us a second season because the manga is still on-going! The comedic parts are great, not really so fond of the angsty bits though. I mean, sure, from the manga covers (and title), I had assumed it was going to be a serious manga, but now that I have discovered it to be on the funny side, I just want it to be hilarious all the time.

– Barakamon (2 episodes in)
Calligrapher Handa-sensei punched a critic for criticising his work, and got sent to an isolated village by his father as a result. He’s kind of grumpy and stubborn, but this is definitely one of those feel-good anime where you learn about life and being a decent person, because of the tight knit community in the rural village. And yeah, with comedic elements even as you feel like tearing up because ‘so cute and so much feels’. I mean, I’m only 2 episodes in, and I can already tell because it’s definitely going to be full of the tropes. But damn, I don’t like kids, but the little girl, Naru? She’s adorable and totally a scrapper, you can tell from her looks.

– Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (caught up)
I’ve actually read the manga for this a while back before discovering that hey, they made an anime too. Basically a comedic slice-of-life sort of short (4-koma style) episodes about a guy who likes BL and his general… problems? Funny and each episode being only like 3 minutes, I don’t mind keeping up.

– Fukigen na Mononokean (caught up)

THIS is my favourite anime of the season :DDDD It has all the things I like: cool protagonists, lovely art style and the colour scheme!, and especially yokai and Japanese folklore. (Which is why I enjoy Natsume Yuujinchou, Tactics, Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji & Of the Red, the Light and the Ayakashi). I think Fukigen na Mononokean has the same feel as Natsume Yuujinchou and xxxHolic…

Ashiya is your normal high schooler, except somehow he can see yokai, and because of this ability, he gets wrapped up with his classmate, Abeno, who is the current master of the Monokean, where yokai with requests end up. He becomes a part-time employee there and probably will end up helping Abeno learn how to bridge the gap between yokai and humans.

There are currently 6 books out in Japan, but the 3rd translated book just hit the book stores, I can’t wait for them to hurry up with the translations!

– Hatsukoi Monster (1 episode in)

To be honest, this anime is so awkward. A 16 year old girl who falls in love at first sight with a 5th grader (10/11 years old) because he saved her from a traffic accident. Like, isn’t the premise just so weird… and yeah, so the guy is freakishly tall and looks older than his age, he’s still a kid at heart, along with his friends who are just as tall but share the same maturity level. So yeah, poop jokes and such… at least Sugita is voicing one of the characters…?

– Himouto! Umaru-chan (completed)

This anime is adorable~ and i think I love it a tad too much.

Umaru is the main character, who appears to be the perfect girl outside – she excels academically, is popular in school, good at sports, and is really helpful to those in need. But once she steps home, she transforms into a chibi version, who only cares about junk food, video games and anime, and generally lazing around as much as possible. She lives with her older brother who puts up with her whimsical tendencies, and the focus is generally on how Umaru slowly gains more friends and perhaps reconcile the two contrast aspects of her personalities.

– Sakamoto Desu Ga (5 episodes in)

Yet another anime heavy on the comedy, Sakamoto Desu Ga is loosely translated to Haven’t You Heard, I’m Sakamoto. It revolves around the titular character who does everything coolly – be it his classroom duties, having lunch or standing outside the classroom holding buckets as a punishment.

Sort of a slice-of-life school anime, it seems to be about how Sakamoto deals with his haters, and maybe fans as well.

– Servamp (caught up)

Servamp = servant + vampire

Anyway, a normal high schooler picks up a stray cat, perfectly simple right? Nope, not when that cat turns into a lazy vampire who would rather play video games and eat junk food than suck blood and attack humans. But because this has shounen elements, there is a big bad villain who wants to kill the 7 Servamps and their human companions, so our main character and this cat-vampire has to find allies in the other Servamps to defeat this big evil.

Cliched but fun, I’m enjoying this, though I really don’t like the opening and ending themes. Also, weirdly, it’s not translated to Chinese?? I can’t seem to find it in bookstores, but there are up to 10 volumes in Japan, I think.


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