5 Products I Didn’t Like

Before we get into the mini-reviews, can I just say that I think if you work in the beauty/service industry, you should reaaaaally make sure that you don’t smell bad. I went to get my brows done yesterday and the lady (who is really nice) smelled as though she just came back from break during which she smoked enough cigarettes to smell like an ash tray. I have nothing against people smoking, but I really hate that smoky smell. But of course, poker face on, I just didn’t like the smell.

01 Illamasqua – Masquara in Raven

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, Illamasqua Masquara in Raven reveals a heart of darkness with a formula that lengthens, defines and dramatises lashes to extremes – the ultimate mascara.

Yeah, if the soul get super smudged in like a couple of hours, then this is totally the mascara for you. But sorry, I don’t like panda undereyes, I already have my own dark circles to defeat.

Also, I’m super picky about mascaras in general, because my lashes are super pathetic – they are short, even Asian standards, they tend to fall downwards and cannot hold a curl, and also because of these two factors, I can’t even use an eyelash curler because the lashes won’t even register on the curler, so all I can depend on is mascara to lengthen my pathetic teeny eyelashes, and this one didn’t meet the cut. Even if it didn’t smudge, it was still just a meh, the lashes got darkened a little, but no volume or length was imparted with each flick of the wand, so what was the point? I mean, if I just wanted a coat of black on my lashes, even cheap drugstore mascaras will get the job done.

So nope, this is going to my drawer of regrettable products.

02 Illamasqua – Precision Ink in Havoc

Create looks with attitude that no one can ignore with Precision Ink in Havoc. Precision Ink’s fine tip allows for defined application. Long-lasting and waterproof it’s perfect for use anywhere on the face and body to bring out your bold side.

I wanted to like this because I currently don’t have any liquid eyeliners, and none of my eyeliners are in aubergine, which is really pretty.

I read the reviews, and saw that quite a number of people found it to be budge-proof and long-lasting. But who knows, maybe my wonky skin made it crappy, but it flakes on me after a couple of hours.

03 Tarte – Park Ave Princess™ Contour Palette Volume II

This contouring essential features the cult-favorite Park Ave Princess™ matte waterproof bronzer paired with the complexion-enhancing Glisten blush, with a golden, peachy-pink hue, and a highlighter duo in Champagne for a perfect, everyday glow. These pigmented powders are enriched with tarte’s iconic Amazonian clay, which works to balance all skin types for a fade-proof, effortless finish.

I don’t know who came upon with the name, what the hell is a park avenue princess? Is this one of those it girl/socialite heiress thing? I thought I needed a contouring palette because hello, my face shape is so round, it is the full moon. But nope, I don’t know if it’s my lack of contouring game (most likely so), or the colours, but this didn’t feel suitable for my skintone. I think brown doesn’t give off the notion of a shadow – I think a shadow (which a contour should mimic) should be grey-ish rather than brown, which feels more like a bronzer. Is it just me who thinks this way?

04 shu uemura – ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil

Cashmere skin quality: ultime8 complex delivers softer, smoother and moisturized skin for an exquisite makeup finish. The precious essence of 8 exquisite botanical origin oils has been merged together. These oils, carefully sought out from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world, are proven to have the highest skincare efficacy. Utlime8 cleansing oil effortlessly removes all make-up and impurities.

The good thing about this is that it does remove makeup easily, but it’s so frigging oily, and I’m not even using more than 1 pump of this, since I don’t wear heavy makeup. Like, after cleansing with this oil, I will have to follow up with my regular cleanser so that I don’t feel all gross and oily on my face.

05 Lush – Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

A gentle and balancing fresh face mask with antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic working together to cleanse. Fresh green grapes clean and cool the skin, whilst free range eggs tighten its texture and antimicrobial honey leaves it soft and moisturised.

Interested in getting a Lush face mask? Don’t get this one. It smells terrible, so fucking terrible that I had to hold my breath while slathering this on and breathing through my mouth so I don’t smell the horrid stench. Can confirm that garlic and eggs are definitely in this product – they’re not lying.

However, I would have forgiven the stench if it showed any results. It claimed to be good for removing blackheads and preventing spots. NO. Not true for me. In order to use up the product quickly, I also forced my mother to use this, and while she could stand the smell more, because that woman is insane enough to eat garlic, it also didn’t have much results for her.


Things I Love Thursday

Two of my favourite singers – Sharon and Tarja – sharing the stage and being so goddamn brilliant, how I wish I could be one of those people in the crowd (despite my hatred of crowds, this is one I’d gladly wade in). I love how metal singers don’t need any sort of gimmicky tricks to sound awesome live.

And in the same symphonic metal vein: Epica’s new album, The Holographic Principle, is hitting the world on 30 September and ta-dah,they have revealed the tracklisting:

I don’t always like Epica’s songs, but I do admire their dedication – they have consistently produced an album every two years without fail, from 2003 to now (okay, wait, there was a gap during 2009 to 2012, but still, they have been on schedule.)

Kino sale = frivolous purchases such as the book above. I don’t draw – can’t draw actually – but I still like looking at pretty pictures and maybe if I have the patience, reading through the entire book. But yeah, at least my copy is in Chinese, so it’s not as frivolous as when I buy Japanese magazines just to look at the pretty pictures and maaaaaybe read the headlines and be like, ‘yeahhh, I got 15% of what they’re saying thanks to guesswork and kanji’.

I haven’t been following much of hockey since the Hawks were eliminated, but hey, I’m still glad that the Cup went to the Penguins instead! :D Imagine my horror if I woke up and learned that idk, the Flyers won instead or something. DDDD: DO NOT WANT.

But on a more Hawks focused note: Kaner has won the Hart trophy as NHL’s Most Valued Player and the Art Ross trophy, and the Ted Lindsey Award~ what with all his points :D He had quite a bit of shit going on a while back, but I’m glad it didn’t affect his game, and well, he seems to be more mature now, as compared to his not-so-upstanding image of partying and drinking and causing trouble.

Also, Artemi is rookie of the year since he won the Calder Trophy :DDD Like duh, he’s always lighting it up on the ice, and he seems to have quite the chemistry with Kaner.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix, a music rhythm game, hit the American 3DS eshop a week back, and I wanted to punch myself in the face because just a few days before it appeared in the American market, I went ahead and bought the Japanese version, which, remember, I can’t really read unless I scan everything into the Google Translate app or if I painstakingly read everything and googled the hell out of a Japanese dictionary. At the moment, I’m playing by skipping through all the dialogue and ignoring any given instructions, and just tapping away like a mad person because ultimately, it is a rhythm game, and you just need to button-mash your way through one way or another,

Did a reading for a friend the other day, and was pleasantly surprised that it made sense – I don’t really read for other people, because I’m unsure whether the cards will pick up on my own thoughts and emotions and show me something more in-line with whatever that was going on in my life, rather than the other party’s, but somehow, I think my reading has improved perhaps? The only way forward is to make use of this time and really study.

And let’s end off with a gif that I think is hilarious because my sense of humour is wonky


Oh look, a rare post with the ‘writing’ tag… also, this was produced because a friend asked me to do a mini writing challenge sort of thing, with the two keywords: Slumber and Conflict. And… it’s set in Japan because I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately, which is why I haven’t been posting despite my ample amount of free time. I suck.

Incomplete because I only had half a day to do it and I’m incapable of writing short stories or drabbles – I think I’m too ambitious? Or rather I’m just lazy/unproductive. Meh.

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Things I Love Thursday

A short list for the past couple of weeks~ :) Also yes, my posting schedule has been quite dysfunctional lately.

– X-Men: Apocalypse
Went with a couple of friends to watch the latest X-Men flick, and well, it was your typical summer blockbuster, I guess. I thought Apocalypse was kind of overpowered, and Charles a little too useless in the film. And the balding? So hilarious, I totally didn’t expect that to happen, and it’s only such a pity Apocalypse didn’t end up with McAvoy’s luscious locks instead.

Good setup for the next few films as well, since you have Jean Gray becoming too powerful too quickly, I only hope we don’t end up with the same fiasco as X-Men: The Last Stand… Also, I wondered how much Hugh Jackman was paid to make a short cameo?

– We Bare Bears
I got introduced to this delightful cartoon while chilling out over at a friend’s place. Three different bears, a Grizzly, a panda and a polar bear are adoptive brothers living together in a cave. Their friends include Bigfoot, as well as a little Korean girl. It’s hilarious (or maybe because I was drinking at that point) to see how no one bats an eyelash at the thought of three bears just walking about town and doing normal human stuff.

Also, Ice Bear (polar bear, duh) is my favourite :D

– playing with makeup
With time on my hands, especially since I don’t have to wake up early and get ready to leave the house, I have ample opportunity to play with whatever makeup I haven’t had the time to test/use, and more importantly, use up. Because girl, why do you need 3 different foundations and 2 different BB creams? You only have 1 face, you know… and things expire. Let’s also not delve into why I need ten different lipsticks all in the various shades of maroon and burgundy.

– Beauty-related Youtubers
Combining my latest interest in makeup and my love for Youtube (and tutorials in general), I find myself checking out beauty ‘gurus’ quite often these days. (I use quotation marks because a guru is technically supposed to be an expert/authority in the field, and most of these Youtubers definitely don’t fall into that category. I mean, sure, Lisa Eldridge is a professional, but other people like idk, Jaclyn Hill etc? Definitely not what I’d consider as an expert.

Also, sometimes I just like to watch these Youtubers talk about makeup in general, just to have some background noise and it’s not too bad listening to them review things I probably won’t be buying.

– BECCA lip tint in Raspberry
I got this the other day and basically a lot of shades were sold out already on the Sephora website, so I decided to get this because like I said, I need yet another maroon-ish colour in my collection.

But you know, this was actually one impulse purchase that I do not regret, because this is totally a MLBB (my lips but better) colour on me.

– manicures and pedicures
Because who doesn’t like pretty nails? And because I can never trim my cuticles or file my nails properly on my own… but also because I have the free time now. I had a package with a nail salon from last year, and well, let’s just say that I wasted a couple of sessions because I never had the time to go down all the way to Orchard just to do my nails. So I’ve been trying out a few different places nearer to my stomping grounds. (Also, properly groomed nails means I don’t have the tendency to relapse into certain bad habits.)

– new earworm: Faded, which I heard of through a karaoke session with the clique. I can do without all the songs about shaking asses and pleading with your ex-lovers to come back to you, but Faded has such pretty vocals, and even though the lyrics don’t really have much meaning/depth to them, I do like the parts about the eternal silence of the sea.

– Constantine: The Hellblazer
The main reason why I don’t bother keeping up with comics (as opposed to manga) is largely because they like to do reboots, or change artists and writers, who will try to make their mark on the original by changing things up, but I must admit that I enjoyed this reboot of Constantine.

I first read the original Hellblazer series when I was a kid, and of course, loads of things flew over my head but I loved the occult elements. They might be the origins for my fascination with the unknown.