Celebrity Crush: Shin (苏见信)

Taiwanese singer Shin was the Xin Yue Tuan’s (信乐团) vocalist before his departure back in 2007 to launch his own solo career. The band has since recruited a new frontman, and released a new album with him, but I have not heard it yet, so I have no idea if they’re still worth listening to or not.

But anyway, just like Jam Hsiao, Shin has his roots in being a pub singer, and his style of music leans towards hard rock, which is considerably rare in the poppy Taiwanese market.

He is known for his explosive vocal abilities and large range, plus personally I find him really expressive when singing.

Example of his solid high notes – in fact, a lot of variety shows like to use this song whenever they’re challenging male singers to sing high notes, like making them move up the keys, so this song gets higher and higher, until their voices crack. as seen below.

While he is kind of old (plus married with a kid) for me to have a crush on, I do think he’s pretty good looking. And I think he’s pretty humorous when he’s on variety shows.

But he shines when performing live on stage – he has showmanship, and isn’t afraid to experiment with various styles and genres outside of his familiar territory.


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