Things I Love Thursday

it’s mid-May (kind of), and I’m still procrastinating on everything that should be done.

– Freedom
The most amazing feeling you guys, is having the entire day to do whatever you want. I can decide to wake up early and head to the music school to practise my drums or sit in a cafe and read random books, or even arrange make up classes for the piano kids. Or hey, I can also choose to wake up at like freaking noon and then skip lunch and just sit in front of the computer or Netflix.

– Independence
Okay, so the parental authority is away on vacation for a week, and let’s face it, I bet my brothers are all like, she’s not going to survive on her own. Which is why my second brother kept asking me if I wanted to go over for dinner, which I did today.

However, let me put it on the record, I can cook. I mean, I don’t do it often and my repertoire is seriously lacking, but whatever I make is totally edible, if not kind of basic. So yeah, let’s just say that I haven’t touched rice for a week – instead it’s all about udon, soba and pasta. And whatever vegetables that is easy to cook and require very little washing and cutting.

And yeeees, maybe I drink a little more now that there’s no supervision nagging at me but at least I’m drinking at home, which is cheaper and more responsible than going out and drinking myself blind.

Also laundry isn’t fun but luckily the new washing machine has a handwash option, which means I can dump everything in! :D Lazy people rejoice~

– Catching Up
Part of the freedom means that I can go out with friends and be spontaneous with plans at the drop of a hat. So far, I’ve managed to check out a few new hipster cafes places, finally got around to watching Captain America: Civil War, sing like a dying cat at karaoke places, and eat a ton of food and drank a lot of coffee along with it. It’s always good to catch up with people, you get to try new things or do group activities, which makes a nice change since I’m usually hanging out by myself.

– Rupaul’s Drag Race
Oh mama, I just started watching this the other day and I guess I’m really quite impressed by these contestants. Sure, the make up looks were too flamboyant for my liking – like, blend guys, blend. Unless the whole point is to look like you really did a shit ton of contouring. I mean, isn’t the point to contour and make it look like that amazing cheekbones and jawline is due to your god-given genes? Idk, and also some of the fake eyelashes were kind of too heavy, especially with that one episode where the contestants had to do a photoshoot in front of a huge fan and some of the eyelashes were just flapping away in the generated wind and it made them look kind of retarded instead of diva-licious.

But yes, count me in for the rest of the seasons available on Netflix – and let me wallow in my lack of ability to walk in heels and make clothes, because damn, the outfits that they manage to pull off in just like a day, wtf.

Didn’t always like the judges, especially when they gave contradictory criticism, like guys, what did you want. Plus some of the contestants got on my nerves, because they were so unlikeable. Can you guys just decide if you want to be catty about this person or pretend to like them the next episode? Idk.

– haruka nakamura piano ensemble
Went to watch Haruka Nakamura Piano Ensemble along with Aspidistrafly. To be honest, I went in blind and totally alone, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I enjoyed myself tremendously, because it’s so different from the power metal that I’ve been listening to lately.

Both bands were atmospheric, and I’m more partial towards Haruka Nakamura Piano Ensemble mainly because of all the improvising that they did. Aspidistrafly was interesting, but I didn’t exactly like the airy vocals that they employed because it just felt like bad technique even though the airiness was the entire point of their singing style.

– mouse on the keys
Going to see mouse on the keys again tomorrow! :D It’s been a couple of years since the last time the band played here, and I can’t wait to hear them play live again because the atmosphere is so ethereal and yet so grounded.

Plus we will also be hitting up the Matsuri event at Esplanade after the show~


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