riding into battle | a mixtape of epic proportions to get things done

let’s go: blood pumping, hearts racing, into the moment of a quickest rush for our lives are brief sparks

01 Stratovarius – Requiem

02 Powerwolf – We are the Wild
(we are the wild until the morning we survive / can’t stop the wild for we are born to win the fight)

03 Gloryhammer – Universe on Fire
(bring me to the holy raging power / where I find my destiny)

04 Kamelot – Wings of Despair
(conquer the silence you fear / tomorrow will not fade to black)

05 Dragonforce – Black Fire
(rise through the night sky with daylight’s desire / to be free there must be black fire)

06 Rhapsody – Emerald Sword
(for the glory the power to win the black lord / I will search for the emerald sword)

07 Hammerfall – Hector’s Hymn
(we’re haunted by fire, our spirit is now set to burn / on and on and on, the fire and the flame will burn forever)

08 Sonata Arctica – The Wolves Die Young
(this is the day when the wolves die young / they’ll never see a new midnight sun)

Despite the utter cheesiness of the lyrics, I really do love the power metal genre. There’s a lot of overused words and cliched imagery – just look at the few lyrics picked up, there’s always the theme of victory and war, in a way glorifying battles and the warrior’s way. Overused imagery includes fire (duh, just take a look at Dragonforce’s discography, I mean, every lyrics or so includes fire or something related.) and fantastical elements including dragons and swords.

However, I find the power metal genre to be extremely uplifting. Unlike the death metal counterpart, it is all about building up oneself and finding the courage within to take action. In a way, it’s a sort of positive mindset, though kind of rooted in the medieval setting of swords and sorcery.


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