Hey, if you think I’m that expendable, to the point where you’re not even willing to hire a new person to take over my position, and you’d rather ask the PA to take over my role, well, that’s a giant red flag that you’re waving in my face. Which makes it a good thing that I’m leaving because you guys definitely do not inspire devotion or loyalty.

And fuck, if you guys are that cheap, I don’t know what I was hoping for, and holding out for. Cheapskates, pfft, sure, I don’t do anything important, right? As long as there’s someone running the operations side and not giving you any problems or making you take charge of the operational daily tasks, you don’t care who does it, anyway. We’re just cogs in the machine to you guys, right?

Oh, and I’m sure you guys see me slacking off all the time, and think I don’t actually do anything, to which I need to reply, it’s not that there isn’t anything to do, it’s just that I finish everything really quickly. It takes me half a minute to complete each request because I know everything like the back of my hand, and I know what to look out for.

But hey, I’m sure the PA is just as efficient, no? Especially when she’s going to be covering two other people because you guys are too much of a cheapskate. Just don’t forget that there will be more shit coming down due to the reorganization and changes in other agencies.



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