To Test: Elie Saab; Rose Couture Le Parfum

Rose Couture is derived from the heart of the original and its signature notes of orange blossom, complemented by rose petals. The composition begins with a combination of orange blossom, silky rose petals and peony. The heart continues with accords of rose nectar, fruity nuances, jasmine and vanilla. The base tops it all with a woody accord of patchouli and sandalwood. Rose Couture’s bottle is tinted in pastel pink and decorated with embroidered motifs of rose. (source)

Omg, Kurkdjian, will you give my wallet a break? Seriously, I’m still quite annoyed that we didn’t bring in the Elie Saab La Collection des Essences line up, because those were so interesting!

But I know for sure that this Rose Couture will be a winner, the notes are so… safe and feminine. There’s the orange blossom and vanilla throwback to the original Le Parfum, which is found in all the flankers, from L’Eau Couture to the Resort Collection. Might probably be the sweetest out of the range, and oh-so-perfect for Valentines’ Day, considering it will launch in February.


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