somewhere along in the bitterness

If there is a day when you wake up and decide that this friendship is no longer working out, walk away. Walk out of this suffocating vines and I shall not stop you. If our friendship doesn’t bring you joy or it is more effort than what it is worth, then leave it behind you. I will not be viewed as a burden, and I will not cling onto something that isn’t mine to hold onto.

If 10 years of friendship can be discarded like this, without a word, with just a simple touch of your phone, and the resulting ‘exit’, and no other explanation or attempt to work things out, then sure, go ahead, I’d say it’s not my loss. It’s not my ‘anything’, since it was your decision, and you know what, I respect that. You should do whatever is best for you, whether it’s your peace of mind, your growth as a person, your path is your own and I have no right to interfere or dispute with your choice, since it doesn’t hurt either of us.

I’m not the warmest person to be friends with: I don’t randomly keep in touch with people – no out of the blue messages unless there is a purpose behind, I’m not good at catching up with people – I like my space, and I’m sure other people like it too – I can spare a listening ear and assistance, but I can’t read your mind; if you don’t tell me what is bothering you, if you don’t make it clear, then I won’t know your resentment and I won’t know how this friendship is unsatisfying to you. Maybe I’m also at fault, but I think we tried. We tried to keep you in the loop, but it takes more than one hand to play a sonata.

All there is to say: thanks for the memories.


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