Things I Love Thursday

It’s saaaaad that there aren’t any more long weekends to look forward to… Until probably February, for CNY. Work has been a bitch, in the sense that the emails I send out seem to be stuck in the blackest deepest voids. Like, dude, you expect quick work from me but you’re not willing to reciprocate? Maaaan… *shakes head*

Anyway, on to the short post ahead…

20% off at Liang Court = Kino haul~ where I buy a ton of manga and other random knick-knacks. Behold, my thing for K is still going on strong.

Crappy photo, but basically I got Gakuen K, the first two volumes of K Lost Small World (SARUMI~! *starry eyed*) and K: Missing Kings. Additionally, I also picked up the Touken Ranbu Gakuen manga as well as The Clow card set with its accompanying guide book.

I haven’t opened the box yet, but Google told me this is what I’d find:

Also, I caved in and got myself a cheap fountain pen, because. Idk, I can try to be even more pretentious? Mostly, I blame r/notebooks for my new interest. Because I have too many notebooks to justify buying more, but a fountain pen? Now that’s something I could try and pick up.

And this came in the mail the other day~ it’s the Nendoroid More: CUBE 01 Classroom Set

Nendoroids not included, but what you’d get in this:

This set includes a lectern, desk, bookshelf, books, lockers, a computer and more! All sorts of items that will make decorating a Nendoroid-sized classroom a quick and easy task – give your Nendoroids the perfect place to study!

I’ve been thinking of doing dioramas for my figures, (because I have sooooo much time, amirite), but I’m not very good with proportions, so I’d think having something meant to be used with the figures would be a good guide to sizing and other issues before I start making rooms and furnitures for the figures.

Some stuff that I’ve been watching lately:

I think I’ve seen Fran Bow on Steam (???) previously, but as one of the tags was horror, I didn’t bother trying to play it, so instead I watched someone play it. But seriously, this game is pretty cool, there’s so much to explore, the thematic issue, the artwork, the plot and pacing… (though the puzzles were kind of lame).

New Big Fat Quiz of the Year!

Seriously, this line up is great! There’s Richard Ayoade, Greg Davies, Claudia Winkleman and David Mitchell! (Okay, yes, Rob Brydon and Jo Brand as well, but… Jo isn’t funny, and it felt as though Rob Brydon got dragged down that path too…)

Lastly, old school Within Temptation > the current one, though there’s nothing wrong with them moving on and exploring other sounds and doing new stuff, but just… I’m nostalgic for the old WT sound. Plus Sharon’s voice sounded better – clearer and cleaner and less strained, but I understand she’s much older now…


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