Things I Love Thursday

December is drawing to a close, and here’s to a new year ahead.

Isn’t it fitting that the last post of the year is a TiLT? :)

– Had tea with Kim at Cafe Crema on Boxing Day, as a sort of impromptu catch-up.
– Farewell lunch for a coworker at Crossings Cafe. The boss took us out for lunch, since it’s almost year end, and a coworker from another team is leaving. The food wasn’t too bad, in fact the mashed potato was delicious and the molten lava cake is so good~ :D
– New Year meet up with the chums – basically to drink like a fish and bar hop. Which is a bad idea, because bar hopping on the eve of a public holiday is nigh impossible. Too many people, crowded bars, hard to get your high on.
– Getting to sleep in tomorrow and over the weekend~ Seriously, the rare opportunity to sleep past 12 noon is something to cherish.

New Year’s luck, I got the Fortune cat and completed the Catbook on Neko Atsume~ small goals achieved.

I’ve finished K: Return of Kings, and dudddde, I love the entire K Project universe. Until Shiro is mean and took away everything ;_; Okay, the series has flaws: mainly the lack of character development beyond one or two characters, and the story line itself is pretty cliched and predictable. But I’m because I’m predictable myself, I like it for the main characters. Or rather, the possible ships – there’s Shiro and Kuroh (because dude, even their names!) and my OTP Saruhiko and Misaki. It’s like, almost canon! Episode 12 was so good to me, hahaha. #derangedfujoshi

I bought the prequel manga during the last Kinokuniya sale, basically K: Memory of Red, K: Stray Dog, and K: Days of Blue.

But what I really want to read is Lost Small World, which goes into Fushimi’s and Yata’s past. Because you know what, Fushimi really needs a hug. All the hugs. (also, lost small world is such a heartbreaking title… I might be reading too much into it, but still)

Stella Glow~ I talked about it in the previous TiLT post, but I didn’t play it yet. So now, let’s talk a little about it: the story seems pretty interesting so far, though I’m making some predictions and we’ll see if I make any right guesses.

The graphics are really pretty, the backgrounds look like those hand-painted ones you’d see in Bastion, with vivid use of colours.

The battle system reminds me slightly of Fire Emblem Awakening, since it’s turn-based and you sort of know how much damage you’d deal your opponent. Lovely soundtrack, though I just realised that I won’t be able to play the cd that came along in the launch edition because my computer doesn’t have a cd drive =.=


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