Sixteen92; and the days are not full enough

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass

– Ezra Pound

☾ Notes: sweet sandalwood, texas cedar heartwood, patchouli coeur, black vanilla, grey musk ☽

At first, you would not be mistaken if you think this scent is all about woody smells, the strong cedar and patchouli dominates the opening. Also, there’s a bit of a salty oceanic note, which may be the grey musk? Idk what is grey musk.

But if you just paid a little more attention, you will notice the sweetness of sandalwood and vanilla lurking beneath the cedar heartwood note. The black vanilla gets progressively stronger, until it has completely overtaken the opening woody notes.

Can I see this as a winter sort of scent? Yeah, I suppose so, if I imagined a walk in the forest in the evening. It’s cold and chilly, the wind is blowing, so evergreen trees such as the fir trees drop their needles… and you’re out tree hunting for a Christmas tree, you know, something along those lines.

It’s interesting, and a break away from the normal winter scents like snow or gingerbread/candy canes inspired perfumes.


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