Things I Love Thursday

Real Life:
– Caught Spectre the other day, since a friend had a 1 for 1 voucher thing, and now I have that Sam Smith’s song looping in my mind. It’s actually not too bad a song, despite people criticizing it. The movie itself… predictable but fun. Also, is 007 the worst ever secret agent or what? He totally doesn’t understand what ‘secret’ means. Yeah, so Archer would be worse, but Archer has never pretended to be competent at his job. Bond on the other hand, needs a crash course on blending in, subtlety, not blowing everything up, basically field agent stuff.

– Met up for dinner with the crazy friends I made at my previous job :D Okay, so only one of them is crazy, and the other one and I normally give each other ‘wtf is she high on’ looks when the crazy friend makes weird comments like ‘would you eat my rabbits?’ in a serious voice, even when we are just going to die from laughter.

Honestly, it’s kind of sad that I haven’t managed to develop the same level of rapport with my current coworkers, I do like hanging out with a couple of them, but weirdly, we never seem to get to the stage where we’d go out after work and get dinner or drinks or even meet up outside of work.

– My new nephew has arrived on this earth, he’s 2 weeks early, but he’s alright, all healthy and without complications, which is awesome. And my sister-in-law, who had some issues with her heart, which led to the early birth of her son, has also recovered from her heart problems, after an operation, so that’s a relief too.

– My Book Depository order has started to trickle in slowly, but the one thing I’m really dying to start reading is this~ (Not really fond of the cover though) Yup, I also caved and bought a pack of DA:I playing cards. Not sure what I’d do with them, since I already have two other playing card decks. (I have too many cards, oracles/tarots/playing cards)

– Also, I have a bunch of new mainstream/niche perfumes to test out, and I will have more coming in, since I just made a new order because 30% off is as good as a siren song.

– Will need to start working on my holiday shopping: there’s the office Secret Santa exchange, Christmas presents for the niece/nephews, as well as the clique gift exchange. I actually don’t mind doing Christmas shopping, as long as I know/have some inkling about what to get for people.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is actually from 2014, but I only got around to watching it after I started reading the manga. It is HILARIOUS and 11/10 would recommend it to everyone who likes funny shit, lack of angsty crap and high school life. There’s only 12 episodes, and I watched them all during my daily commute, and I think my fellow passengers think I’m insane when they notice me giggling away like a crazy person, but I don’t care, it is that funny.

Finally got around to catching up with shows, mainly Gintama, which I’ve neglected since I got obsessed with Dragon Age Inquisition. And since I’m done with Gekkan Shoujo, obviously I need to pay attention to my favourite white-haired curly-permed samurai, you know.

And I’m thinking of embarking on One-Punch Man once I’m up to speed with Gintama. Because dude, the main character looks hilarious already. I stumbled upon this when I was browsing through news blogs for new Nendoroids to collect, and there Saitama was, looking goofy as hell.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. DUDE watch One Punch Man, it is genius and hilarious I LUV IT. Also 11/10 recommend. I started watching Gekkan Shoujo as per your rec, well done, would watch more of your recs haha. Anyway that is all, adios 👻

    1. YES, I’ve watched up to episode 10 of One Punch Man – it is great!!! I somehow just find myself rooting for Saitama even though he looks damn goofy.
      I maintain that Mikorin is the best girl in Gekkan Shoujo :DDD

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