Things I Love Thursday

December is drawing to a close, and here’s to a new year ahead.

Isn’t it fitting that the last post of the year is a TiLT? :)

– Had tea with Kim at Cafe Crema on Boxing Day, as a sort of impromptu catch-up.
– Farewell lunch for a coworker at Crossings Cafe. The boss took us out for lunch, since it’s almost year end, and a coworker from another team is leaving. The food wasn’t too bad, in fact the mashed potato was delicious and the molten lava cake is so good~ :D
– New Year meet up with the chums – basically to drink like a fish and bar hop. Which is a bad idea, because bar hopping on the eve of a public holiday is nigh impossible. Too many people, crowded bars, hard to get your high on.
– Getting to sleep in tomorrow and over the weekend~ Seriously, the rare opportunity to sleep past 12 noon is something to cherish.

New Year’s luck, I got the Fortune cat and completed the Catbook on Neko Atsume~ small goals achieved.

I’ve finished K: Return of Kings, and dudddde, I love the entire K Project universe. Until Shiro is mean and took away everything ;_; Okay, the series has flaws: mainly the lack of character development beyond one or two characters, and the story line itself is pretty cliched and predictable. But I’m because I’m predictable myself, I like it for the main characters. Or rather, the possible ships – there’s Shiro and Kuroh (because dude, even their names!) and my OTP Saruhiko and Misaki. It’s like, almost canon! Episode 12 was so good to me, hahaha. #derangedfujoshi

I bought the prequel manga during the last Kinokuniya sale, basically K: Memory of Red, K: Stray Dog, and K: Days of Blue.

But what I really want to read is Lost Small World, which goes into Fushimi’s and Yata’s past. Because you know what, Fushimi really needs a hug. All the hugs. (also, lost small world is such a heartbreaking title… I might be reading too much into it, but still)

Stella Glow~ I talked about it in the previous TiLT post, but I didn’t play it yet. So now, let’s talk a little about it: the story seems pretty interesting so far, though I’m making some predictions and we’ll see if I make any right guesses.

The graphics are really pretty, the backgrounds look like those hand-painted ones you’d see in Bastion, with vivid use of colours.

The battle system reminds me slightly of Fire Emblem Awakening, since it’s turn-based and you sort of know how much damage you’d deal your opponent. Lovely soundtrack, though I just realised that I won’t be able to play the cd that came along in the launch edition because my computer doesn’t have a cd drive =.=


as the sun will rise | a mixtape for when the dark days come to an end

because even though I’ve missed so many opportunities, let all those moments passed me by, and was unable to say whatever I needed to, it doesn’t matter in the long run.

01 梶浦由記 – Before Dawn

02 Neil Young – Till the Morning Comes

03 Patrick Wolf – Paris

04 Oberon – Élan (Nightwish cover)

05 Sound Horizon – 炎

06 Kalafina – 光の旋律

07 Beauty and the Beast – Tale as Old as Time (instrumental cover)

Sixteen92; Waking in Winter

I can taste the tin of the sky — the real tin thing.
Winter dawn is the color of metal,
The trees stiffen into place like burnt nerves.

– Sylvia Plath

☾ Notes: fir needle, hemlock, soft snow, pale woods, delicate mint, frost-blanketed leaves, cold metal, distant hearthsmoke ☽

Last Sixteen92 Winter Collection perfume~

In the bottle: Faint icy snowflakes and almost metallic undertones.
Wet on skin: green notes like fir needles and strong peppermint (some people might see the mint note and think toothpaste or breath fresheners, but nope, it definitely doesn’t give off that feeling), a hint of cold earthiness, like stomping through an evergreen forest. As the scent settles on the skin, you start to get a hint of smoke and you kind of want to marvel how the perfumer can create scents that evoke the feeling of distance, because that’s how the smoke feels like, as though it’s far away and the wind is carrying it over to where you are.

Sixteen92; This is Just to Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

– William Carlos Williams

☾ Notes: cake flour, cocoa powder, osmanthus, plum & apricot jam, tonka bean, dried fruits, tangled vines ☽

A cold sniff from the bottle suggests dark chocolate cake, a thick and rich scent.
Wet on the skin, I got a mixture of osmanthus flower and chocolate, a bit jammy underneath the cocoa powder. Sweet, slightly fruity and almost powdery, perhaps one would imagine a white snowy landscape, with the hints of tiny buds opening in the snow? The dry down reveals more fruit, amping up the sweetness.

Unfortunately, This is Just to Say has a low throw and slightly above average longevity on the skin.

Things I Love Thursday

Before we get started on this edition of TiLT, let me just say that one of the things I do not like? A lot of people. And in my house. Which will be the main thing happening tomorrow, because the new kid turns 1 month old, and we’re inviting a whole bunch of people to our house to commemorate this event.

Real Life:

It’s Christmas Eve~ and that means a long weekend is ahead! :D Like fuck yeah, no work on Friday and Saturday~!

Meet up with the clique for dinner the other day, at Royz et Vous. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the food is good, and the atmosphere was fun. I got to try halal wine for the first time, and it’s pretty interesting, less bitter than actual wine, and you can taste more grapes…

Our little haphazard gift exchange~ I got a pair of samurai chopsticks, which was kind of fitting, since I’ve been pretty obsessed with Touken Ranbu sword boys, heh.

Speaking of gift exchanges, we had one at the office as well, and I am now the owner of a fruit juice blender thing called Shake n Take. Which… is weird. And also, since we’re obliged to give everyone in our division a small present, I’m loaded with weird crap like notebooks and post-it note pads and coasters etc. Ah, Christmas, the lovely taste of materialism is in the air.

The big boss got us each a box of eclairs from L’Eclair by Sarah Michelle (limited Christmas special), but idk, for the price… it’s not spectacular tasting, but it is so pretty!

I haven’t picked up my 3DS for quite a while, since I was busy with ebooks and physical books and watching anime on my tablet, but I recently got back into it because I just realised that a whole bunch of games came out recently.

So, what had I bought in just a short span of time?

There’s Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, which is a rhythm game, like Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, but with vocaloid songs instead.

And also Stella Glow, which is like a turn based JRPG. I got the launch edition, so it’s slightly more expensive, but I got the ost and some random key chain + cloth poster… which will remain in the box because idk what to do with them.

Also, this is old, but I found a copy of Pokemon Black, thought it was pretty cheap, and ta-dah, now I’m navigating yet another pokemon trainer in his quest to… idk, defeat all the gym leaders, become the champion, save the world and somehow be a normal kid?

And I’ll be getting this in the mail pretty soon, The Legend of Legacy (redundant title, or what), since I got the shipping notification yesterday. Looks good, though I heard there’s a lot of grinding to do, which…. I don’t mind too much.

Went to the post office to collect my two latest sword boy nendoroid: Kogitsunemaru
Aren’t they both so adorable~ I haven’t unboxed him yet; I’ll probably do so over the weekend, so I can play around with fixing his poses and stuff.

The other sword boy: Tsurumaru Kuninaga has been sent out through the post, but it hasn’t arrived on scene yet.

Lastly, I’ve finally gotten around to looping a charm around my DS, and who did I give the honour to? Why, none other than the super badass looking Shokudaikiri Mitsutada because:
“He is frequently referred to within the fandom as CCP, short for “Candle Cutter Pikachu”, because of a play on the kanji in his name. Shokudai (燭台) means candlestick, and kiri (切) means to cut. Furthermore, the two characters in Mitsutada (光忠) can be individually read as pika (a Japanese onomatopoeia) and chuu respectively.” (source)

follow you into the dark | a mixtape for when the darkness brings no escape

for that friend who suffers from insomnia, and I don’t always stay up that late.

01 冷たい部屋、一人 [A Cold Room, Alone] piano cover

02 引田香織 – みちゆき

03 藤田恵美 – Wishes

04 Frank Sinatra (covered by Akiko) – Fly me to the Moon

05 Edward Ross – In Dreams

06 Erutan – Pan’s Lullaby

07 Stella Voci – Canon in D

Sixteen92; Her Kind

lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind.
A woman like that is not a woman, quite.
I have been her kind.

– Anne Sexton

☾ Notes: tart cherry, sweet almond, bergamot, sandalwood, ambrette, camellia blossom, tonka, sweet myrrh ☽

I’m torn between liking this and wanting to throw it out, but luckily (not really), the scent is so light that it doesn’t even matter.

Okay, the opening was actually pretty good, a smooth blend of bergamot and cherry, until a sort of ‘pee’ smell came into the picture, creeping in like some shady bastard into a store in the middle of the night, basically corrupting the fragrance with a weird plasticky bitterness. I’d blame the almond note, but I’m not too sure, since the notes list many other ingredients as well. Either they’re not prominent at all, or they’re contributing to the weird shit that makes up Her Kind. Also, thankfully, I don’t have to scrub this perfume off because I can hardly smell anything after 20 minutes, and even before that, I had to sniff terribly hard at my wrist to get anything.

Things I Love Thursday

Nothing much to report in terms of real life, so I had quite a lot of time to catch up with all the shows.

My favourite pen in primary school was Pilot G-Tec-C 0.4 mm Gel Pens, but they would spoil really quickly, especially if you dropped them, and their pen nibs would just bent and become unusable, so the bookstore got a lot of my money since I was pretty careless with my pens. But I like the 0.4 tip, since I could scrawl really quickly and messily, and still have words that looked legible.

I moved onto 0.38 Uniball pens when I got into secondary school, and the pens were more durable and less expensive on my wallet. But I still really wanted my 0.4 pens, and I’ve recently discovered the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica 0.4 Gel Pen~ which is actually quite pretty, lol.

I mean, obviously, my handwriting doesn’t get any better, regardless of whichever pen I pick up. It’s still scrawly and messy, and smaller than what my teachers would prefer.

Also, I’ve been collecting Touken Ranbu phone straps~ Okay, collecting isn’t really the term, I just like to buy those random sealed boxes containing any of the displayed phone straps and try my luck. So far, I haven’t gotten any duplicates, but I’m far from completing my collection, because those bastards decided to come up with a new set, featuring different characters.

I’m not really a big coffee drinker, and I don’t really get the flavourings and shit, but I thought this looked really pretty, and I wanted to have at least something to drink besides tea in the office, so I bought this instant coffee set, which consists of Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Christmas Spirits infused coffees. They do smell really fantastic, but taste-wise, the flavourings added as subtle and also, maaaan, coffee is bitter without milk and sugar. Haha, I mean, duh. I’m still a tea person though.

Because I already have Noiz, and I’ve preordered the re-released of Aoba & Ren and Koujaku, I had to get Clear as well. Then I can do weird shit to my unsuspecting figures. *ahem* I mean, I can re-enact the scenes from the source. *ahem* What, no, it’s all appropriate, I’d never endanger my figures!

Media-wise, I’m catching up with all the anime that I’ve neglected.

The longest thing I’ve had to catch up with: One Piece. I think I’ve missed at least 6 months’ worth of material. But fuck, if One Piece is so draggy, because I left off when they were going to fight old Doffy, and 120 episodes (give and take) later, they’re still fighting Doffy. Tsk. I could have come back in a year’s time and maybe by then, we’d have moved onto the next arc.

But it’s okay, I’ve been entertaining myself with One Piece while colouring pages from colouring books. Yeeeah, I picked up a colouring book on a whim from Book Depository and found myself just doodling away.

Other than One Piece, I’m also midway through K Project!
(source from tumblr, but I couldn’t find the exact one. if you made this and want credit, lemme know)

I love it, and I don’t know why I didn’t finish it the first time I got into watching it. But seriously, duddddde, SARUMI is my OTP. So much feels and Idk, I just want to hug Fushimi and pat his head and shove Misaki at his sad face. Yeah, he can be pretty psychotic and stalker-ish, but he did have a sucky childhood that probably taught him all the wrong things…

One episode away from finishing One Punch Man – and I think I might need to start reading the manga, because what, this isn’t enough for me. I need more crack and I want more of just domestic Saitama and Genos being bros. Seriously, I love how serious Genos take house chores. XD

Lastly, hey, this is a piece of useful advice, for people with no common sense. Heh.