Imaginary Perfumes for (Un)Real People: HAWKE

There are basically a whole ton of perfume samples for me to talk about here, but I’m kind of bored with both the indie and the mainstream/niche perfumery world at the moment, so I thought I’d do a series of ‘imaginary perfumes’, in which I make up the blends myself for real and fictitious people. In the sense that that imaginary perfume is how I envision that person should use. And well, that came out creepier than I want it to be. Great.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be sticking with the tried and true pyramid of top, heart and base notes. Refresher course on what the notes are –

Top: fleeting first impressions, as the top notes are usually made of light molecules.
Heart: what you’ll smell after the top notes have dissipated, they also help to round out the base notes, influencing how the base notes will react.
Base: the notes that will anchor your scent and help to bring about depth to the scent.

Today’s choice of victim? Hawke from the Dragon Age 2 video game.

Am I a little obsessed with the DA series? Probably. But is it a crime? Not yet at least.

Depending on the dialogue choices you make in the game, Hawke’s personality will change accordingly. There is the Diplomatic!Hawke who’s basically all goody-goody, then Snarky!Hawke, who lives up to his trait, and Aggressive!Hawke, which I’ve never really played as because I’m not aggressive and my characters are seldom aggressive either.

But for this perfume blend? My Hawke is snarky and irreverent, but has a soft spot from his friends and family and the downtrodden in general. But let’s not forget, Hawke is a badass normal person who has taken down the Arishok, which was frigging hard in-game to kill. But the resulting title, The Champion of Kirkwall, is a lovely thing to gain.

Anyway, moving on before I recount the whole Tale of the Champion a la Varric style, let’s just get to the choice of notes for the character.

Top: Cinnamon and tobacco leaf and smoke
Heart: Leather and tonka bean, with the slight kick of caramel
Base: Dragon’s blood and amber resin

Explanation: the top notes were basically chosen because the first impression you’d get from my Hawke would be the fact that he favours fire spells a lot (yup, my Hawke is a mage), hence the smoke. And he should only be experienced in small doses because you’d be irked by his irreverent personality, hence the cinnamon notes (remember the cinnamon challenge?).

Leather was chosen to reflect the armor that he’d wear. And the sweet notes (tonka bean and caramel) was used to show his gentler side. Tonka bean has a similar scent to vanilla, though it is more complex than just plain vanilla. Which hopefully his messed up romance with Fenris. It’s kind of sweet how devoted they are to each other, pining mutually for 3+ years. (wtf, hawke?)

Dragon’s blood is a duh, basically because it’s the Dragon Age series, you know? Yeah, I know, totally lame. But it works as a base note, and with amber resin, it’ll give a warm solid strength to the whole scent, hopefully?

In my mind, this scent works, but in real life, I don’t know if the selected notes will mesh well together…? But hey, this is a first attempt at analysing the character and coming up with choices that will reflect them. Maybe I’ll get better in time??

Not sure who the next character/person will be, maybe by next week, I’d have picked up a new perfume to talk about or something.


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