Things I Love Thursday

Late because I have been spending too much time on Dragon Age. (Too much time?! Pssst, perish the thought. People can put in at least 100 hours into the game and not even finish completing it 100%.)

Took a mental health day just because I can :D some days, you just wake up too late to make it on time for work, so you just call in sick and laze around eating chips and drinking yakult.

First of all, the best thing this week is probably my new PC, nothing can top this because goddamnit, I spent a large chunk of money on this.

This game is really pretty, as compared to the first in the series, Dragon Age Origins. Made in Frostbite 3 Engine, I couldn’t play this until now because of my old crappy system.

I love the series, but gameplay-wise, DA:I is problematic. So VERY PROBLEMATIC. Like, the controls are NOT PC-friendly at all. But I still love the characters and I think the storyline is going to be pretty interesting. I mean, I know some spoilers already but I haven’t spoiled the majority of the game events.

So far, I’m less than 20 hours in, and I’m like, dude, there are a lot of quests. Side quests at least. But while my characters are lovely, (Varric, my best bro returns!), there isn’t anyone who can top Fenris. And now I’m nostalgic for some DA2 just to ship my Hawke and Fenris together again.

Finally started to watch Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine :D And it does not disappoint at all. I’m still loving the hilarious banter between the characters and omg, all the lame puns. This show is the best since Community went downhill.

Also I’ve caught up with Last Week Tonight! Which basically meant that I sat through like 4 episodes at a go, and idk, too much John Oliver makes it less funny.

The end of October rolls around again, and once again, I’ve bought my ticket to the Singapore Writers Festival. There’s quite a lot of music acts/performances, which aren’t exactly what I’m looking for at a writers festival… But oh well, it’s not like I’m going to attend everything.

Sephora had their members sale and because it was 20% off, I couldn’t resist Fresh’s Hesperides anymore. I think I’ve gushed about how lovely the grapefruit scent is, so clear and citrusy, and just overall a refreshing summery scent.

And lastly, I’m going to watch Alice Nine this weekend~ :DDD


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