today in a picture

This will probably be the last of the ‘today in a picture’ series because my computer is here~ *fanfare* and I won’t need to do any further major clean ups. Sure, my house isn’t 100% neat yet, and I doubt my room will ever be conventionally tidy/pretty, but hey, I really just need my computer room and all my books to be happy. And okay, I’d be majorly devastated if my perfumes and make up collection were gone, because fuck, perfumes can be really expensive. And flammable.

Huge mess because that’s how I set up a computer, with all the wires and shit. Also, I felt so manly lugging my computer chassis back from the store, because it was frigging heavy, okay.

The default option for the chassis is white, which isn’t exactly my first choice, but it doesn’t really bother me. I’m not really that big of a completionist/full set type of person. Most of my things are cobbled from here and there and I’m too broke to think about having a theme/proper decor.

Another view, because damn son, I finally have a good graphic card to play games at high settings instead of always settling for poor graphics.

And the desktop looks like this, all wires galore. Probably too troublesome to try and hide all the wires, I mean, I tried, buuuuut. Also, I’ve nowhere else to display my nendoroid boxes, so here they are, gathering dust eventually. Even the table is a relic from my eldest brother, and it is flimsy like shit, because typical IKEA fare.


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