Sixteen92; Lucretia, My Reflection

Get pretty, but you and me
We got the kingdom, we got the key…
Lucretia, my reflection
Dance the ghost with me
– Sisters of Mercy; Lucretia, My Reflection

☾ Notes: Orris root, immortelle, white sandalwood, blackened vanilla, star anise ☽

A sharp pungent herbal note pierces through a sweetened hazy base. It’s the star anise taking centre stage, dragging along the creamy blackened vanilla as it assaults your senses. The orris root also helps to provide a sort of softening effect, as it is vaguely powdery, or at least that’s how orris root performs on my skin.

It is a pretty interesting blend, which I appreciate, even if I don’t always like the mixture of notes. Comparatively, Last Exit For The Lost, had very generic autumn-ish notes, which made it pleasant and safe, so it was kind of just meh in the end. My biggest pet peeve with this scent is that it has very low sillage and hardly any longevity.


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