guess who preordered the shit outta this guy

People who were unlucky to be bombarded with my tweets would know how disappointed I was when I arrived late to the Nendoroid collecting party, and thus, I didn’t manage to pick up Aoba & Ren from the DRAMAtical Murder series when they came out, and now the figure was considered out of production/out of stock, and only available for super high prices.

But perhaps the gods of figure collecting read my anguished frustrated tweets and decided to reward my patience and further encourage me to fall into the trap of buying cute figures, they have finally re-release Aoba~~~

Now I can start to accumulate a full set of DMMD characters, since I have Noiz already and Koujaku will turn up once they have released him.

Despite never playing the original game/finishing the anime series, i ship Noiz & Aoba together, because they look cute together, eheheh.

Koujaku and Aoba give off the super close childhood friends vibe, that’s why I don’t exactly want to ship them together. Also, if you play the game, the bad ending for Koujaku… D:


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