Things I Love Thursday

I should just change my non-existent middle name to procrastination. Like, hello, I’m Procrastination-kun, はじめまして. Sorry, random bout of weirdness because it’s the middle of the night and I’m ready to crash soon. Also, we need more public holidays. They are the best. But not when it’s all hazy and I coop myself up to escape the bad air.

Dragon Age Inquisition was on sale on Origin the other day, and I told myself, fuck waiting, I’m getting it. Because seriously, the game has been out for ages but I refuse to pay like 80+ bucks for a game. I’m sorry, it just goes against my perceived value of the game. I’m spoiled by Steam and their dirt-cheap games. Like, c’mon, I remember paying less than 10 bucks for Skyrim.

Anyway, since I never exactly got around to finishing the first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, I think I’ll be restarting right from the beginning and just saying goodbye to my free time.

I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve been playing Kamelot’s latest album, Haven, on repeat these days. I love the softer ballads but the harder songs are just as awesome. To be honest, I still have a giant soft spot for Roy Khan, but Tommy’s not a bad replacement. His voice fits seamlessly into the hole that was made when Roy left the band. And I’m so glad it’s not like the whole Nightwish fiasco, where Annette couldn’t step up well enough to replace Tarja, leading to a whole bunch of clusterfuck.

I do like this song, but the MV has so many hilarious points – Tommy’s hilarious facial expressions and weird hand gestures. Alissa’s weird neo-cyberpunk (??) outfit. The whole dystopian setting, which kind of reminds me of Muse’s The Resistance. Lyrics such as ‘Whisper whisper in the dark, tell me what you see’ – uh, isn’t it more like what you hear? Also, see what in the dark?!

I got my Cry backpack~ :D Now I can finally throw out the dying $5 backpack :D I mean, I needed a new bag and I want to support Cry, since I have Adblock so he can’t profit from my views, and well. To cut the chase, I’m a weird fangirl, alright?

And that’s pretty much it for me for now. But before I go off, here’s a shout out to my air con, who has made the stuffy hazy nights much more bearable for me. Otherwise I think I’d have gone insane and just suffocate to death in my enclosed room.


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