Sixteen92; Last Exit for the Lost

We’re getting close to you I can see the door
Closer and closer or is it there at all
This could be my last regress
Last exit for the lost
– Fields of the Nephilim, Last Exit for the Lost

☾ Notes: Orchard apples, woven wood baskets, dried hay, distant chimney smoke on cool air ☽

I can pick up the notes of sweet juicy apples, mixed with hay, and smoke right after application. There is some woodiness, blended in nicely with the smoke.

To be honest, this scent doesn’t really intrigue me; it’s straightforward and safe, in the sense that you can wear it anywhere and not have to feel like you’re going to annoy someone with your perfume. For a ‘fall’ scent, the notes are pretty standard – apples and smoke – they are very common for indie fall releases.

Yes, I know I’m a hard person to please. Too generic and safe = meh. Too much experimentation/unusual note pairings = ew.


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