Sixteen92; (every day is) halloween

And I dress this way just to keep them at bay
’cause Halloween is every day
– Ministry, (Every Day Is) Halloween

☾ Notes: An overflowing candy pail, the crunch of leather boots on fallen leaves, cold stones, damp air and a wisp of bonfire smoke ☽

Just looking at the notes listed above, you’d find this to be quite a strange scent – candy + leather + ‘ozone/smoke’ (?). Well, applied wet on my skin, the strongest note would be the candy, except it doesn’t really smell like candy. It’s more chocolate-y, like milky chocolate. The leather itself is a touch sweet, and it lurks weirdly in the background, feeling out of place in the whole composition. As the scent evolves, there is some smokiness, which reminds me of the tobacco leaf instead because of the whole sweet leathery musk.

I’m not sure what to feel about this scent, except it’s not really my thing. It just feels as though the notes are too random together, but hey, that’s just my conventional mainstream perfume mind rebelling against the weirdness of mixing leather and candy and earth notes together.

While the sillage is low to moderate, the lasting power of this one is 4 hours and above, which sucks if you don’t exactly enjoy the scent, heh.


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