Things I Love Thursday

It feels like time is flying at the speed of a rocket, because I keep seeing the numbers change on the calendar, but nothing else changes. Or at least my life is that dull. Man, just looking at that sentence is depressing.

– Anyway, because tomorrow is polling day, we have a long weekend to look forward to, whether or not the results are what we expect or want them to be.

– Plus, no more elections bullshit where the term ‘vote wisely’ = vote for the party that I support otherwise you’re an idiot who’s part of the people ruining our country. Or having politicians make claims that they can’t back up or slinging mud at each other or pretentiously walk around estates shaking hands and kissing babies. Whatever. I’m sick of all these bullshit, because everyone and their mothers know how I feel about politicians. They’re just like lawyers – good for making bad jokes.

– Something other than politics to look forward to: I’m going to watch Six Characters in Search of An Author at the Victoria Theatre tomorrow~

– And speaking of things to watch, I finally got around to catching The Man from UNCLE the other day. And omg, Napoleon & Illya, c’mon, tell me you see the UST (unresolved sexual tension) and the potential there? C’mon! XD But anyway, it was an extremely fun secret agents romp – foreign languages! exotic locales! car chases! espionage scenes! I did like the characters though the twists were kind of obvious, or rather, expected. I enjoyed the quirky style, the quick-paced soundtrack, and the sharp snazzy clothing, and the cinematography/editing was also interestingly done.

– I told myself previously that I wouldn’t buy any Vocaloid based nendoroids, mainly because while Miku and gang are adorable, I’m not actually into the Vocaloid fandom. But of course, I made an exception. For Gakupo, because he’s based on Gackt. And we all know I have a thing for Gackt ever since I was in secondary school, because he was super suave and cool and smarmy. He was released in Sept 2012, so I have no clue why he isn’t sold out already, but I guess he’s not that overwhelmingly popular?

But yeah, I can tell he’s old stock, because he smells bad fresh out of the box, unlike the newer nendoroids that I have, which were released this year. Plus, his construction is also slightly different. But oh well, my Gakupo is adorable~ :D

– Quietly, without even knowing that it has been shipped out, I received The Earthbound Oracle, which I had backed sometime ago, on Kickstarter. It’s a follow up/companion sort of deck to the Wooden Tarot, which I had backed before on Kickstarter as well. The art is pretty and very straightforward, which makes it easy to read with. It feels very practical too, in a sense. Pared down and direct… if that is the way to put it.


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