today in a picture

going to be slightly too busy to post regularly + I’m clearing the backlog of things so yeah.

I cleared out one of my bookshelves today and ta-dah, a war zone is created.

Some background to the upcoming barrage of mess: my second brother moved out and I’m establishing dominance by claiming all the spare rooms to convert them to my own playground.

So I’ll be having my own library/study + piano room/sort of guest room when extra beds are needed + my own bedroom.



01. Nightwish – Moondance (instrumental)

02. Sonata Arctica – Full Moon
(again he feels the moon rising on the sky)

03. Tommy heavenly6 – Paper Moon
(君のために 星を砕き 飾り付けた | for you I’ll smash the stars and put them on display)

04. 張宇 – 月亮惹的禍
(我承认都是月亮惹的祸 那样的月色太美你太温柔 才会在刹那之间只想和你一起到白头 | I confess that it was the moon’s fault, you were beautiful in the moonlight and I wanted then and there to be with you for eternity)

05. Lyriel – Hijo de la Luna
(y en las noches que haya luna llena sera porque el niño este de buenas | when the moon is full and it’s shining bright it’s because her baby is now all right)

06. 孟庭葦 – 你看你看月亮的臉
(我们已走得太远已没有话题 只好对你说你看 你看 月亮的脸偷偷的在改变 | the distance between us has grown too far and without any other words, I whispered look at the moon silently changing)

07. Nero (vocaloid utaite)- 上弦の月
(上弦の月 雲に消えた 傘もないのに | the beautiful crescent moon disappears into the clouds, and I don’t have an umbrella)

Sixteen92; Lucretia, My Reflection

Get pretty, but you and me
We got the kingdom, we got the key…
Lucretia, my reflection
Dance the ghost with me
– Sisters of Mercy; Lucretia, My Reflection

☾ Notes: Orris root, immortelle, white sandalwood, blackened vanilla, star anise ☽

A sharp pungent herbal note pierces through a sweetened hazy base. It’s the star anise taking centre stage, dragging along the creamy blackened vanilla as it assaults your senses. The orris root also helps to provide a sort of softening effect, as it is vaguely powdery, or at least that’s how orris root performs on my skin.

It is a pretty interesting blend, which I appreciate, even if I don’t always like the mixture of notes. Comparatively, Last Exit For The Lost, had very generic autumn-ish notes, which made it pleasant and safe, so it was kind of just meh in the end. My biggest pet peeve with this scent is that it has very low sillage and hardly any longevity.

guess who preordered the shit outta this guy

People who were unlucky to be bombarded with my tweets would know how disappointed I was when I arrived late to the Nendoroid collecting party, and thus, I didn’t manage to pick up Aoba & Ren from the DRAMAtical Murder series when they came out, and now the figure was considered out of production/out of stock, and only available for super high prices.

But perhaps the gods of figure collecting read my anguished frustrated tweets and decided to reward my patience and further encourage me to fall into the trap of buying cute figures, they have finally re-release Aoba~~~

Now I can start to accumulate a full set of DMMD characters, since I have Noiz already and Koujaku will turn up once they have released him.

Despite never playing the original game/finishing the anime series, i ship Noiz & Aoba together, because they look cute together, eheheh.

Koujaku and Aoba give off the super close childhood friends vibe, that’s why I don’t exactly want to ship them together. Also, if you play the game, the bad ending for Koujaku… D:

Things I Love Thursday

I should just change my non-existent middle name to procrastination. Like, hello, I’m Procrastination-kun, はじめまして. Sorry, random bout of weirdness because it’s the middle of the night and I’m ready to crash soon. Also, we need more public holidays. They are the best. But not when it’s all hazy and I coop myself up to escape the bad air.

Dragon Age Inquisition was on sale on Origin the other day, and I told myself, fuck waiting, I’m getting it. Because seriously, the game has been out for ages but I refuse to pay like 80+ bucks for a game. I’m sorry, it just goes against my perceived value of the game. I’m spoiled by Steam and their dirt-cheap games. Like, c’mon, I remember paying less than 10 bucks for Skyrim.

Anyway, since I never exactly got around to finishing the first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, I think I’ll be restarting right from the beginning and just saying goodbye to my free time.

I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve been playing Kamelot’s latest album, Haven, on repeat these days. I love the softer ballads but the harder songs are just as awesome. To be honest, I still have a giant soft spot for Roy Khan, but Tommy’s not a bad replacement. His voice fits seamlessly into the hole that was made when Roy left the band. And I’m so glad it’s not like the whole Nightwish fiasco, where Annette couldn’t step up well enough to replace Tarja, leading to a whole bunch of clusterfuck.

I do like this song, but the MV has so many hilarious points – Tommy’s hilarious facial expressions and weird hand gestures. Alissa’s weird neo-cyberpunk (??) outfit. The whole dystopian setting, which kind of reminds me of Muse’s The Resistance. Lyrics such as ‘Whisper whisper in the dark, tell me what you see’ – uh, isn’t it more like what you hear? Also, see what in the dark?!

I got my Cry backpack~ :D Now I can finally throw out the dying $5 backpack :D I mean, I needed a new bag and I want to support Cry, since I have Adblock so he can’t profit from my views, and well. To cut the chase, I’m a weird fangirl, alright?

And that’s pretty much it for me for now. But before I go off, here’s a shout out to my air con, who has made the stuffy hazy nights much more bearable for me. Otherwise I think I’d have gone insane and just suffocate to death in my enclosed room.

(not) white & (not that) nerdy

So. In order to qualify for my ‘Yup, Geek in da House’ badge, I have decided that I need to build my own PC.

While my current desktop is still alive and kicking, I realised that the specs of this desktop might probably be worse than the old laptop I used to lug around for my uni classes. Yeah, I’m not surprised, considering that this PC setup was from my brother’s office, and why would the office outfit their computers with high performance graphics cards/powerful cpus? I mean, as long as the employees can use internet explorer and open microsoft office, that’s all they’d need in a normal boring office setting anyway.

The current plan is to pass this PC to my mother, so she can finally use those computer skills she picked up in those WDA courses she used to take, and I’d build my own set up. And because I have never ever built my own PC or even actually thought of it (I used to just tell my brother what I needed and he’d either scrounge up one from his old computer parts or just point me to the right computer model), but hey, I’m a grown up independent geek who needs no adult supervision, okay.

Long story short, these days I turn mostly to reddit for geeky advice, and it did not fail me. I subscribed myself to r/buildapc and r/buildapcforme and started using my free time in the office to read up on things like core processors and hyperthreading, or why liquid cooling is more awesome but not plausible at my budget and skill level.

Parts List (so far)

Component Selection
CPU Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler
Motherboard Asus Z97-A ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
Memory Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory
Storage Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Video Card Asus GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB Video Card
Case Corsair 500R Black ATX Mid Tower Case
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

I’m going to email my brother and see what he says, and well, maybe I’ll be able to get started on building this thing once my second brother moves into his new house.

Sixteen92; Last Exit for the Lost

We’re getting close to you I can see the door
Closer and closer or is it there at all
This could be my last regress
Last exit for the lost
– Fields of the Nephilim, Last Exit for the Lost

☾ Notes: Orchard apples, woven wood baskets, dried hay, distant chimney smoke on cool air ☽

I can pick up the notes of sweet juicy apples, mixed with hay, and smoke right after application. There is some woodiness, blended in nicely with the smoke.

To be honest, this scent doesn’t really intrigue me; it’s straightforward and safe, in the sense that you can wear it anywhere and not have to feel like you’re going to annoy someone with your perfume. For a ‘fall’ scent, the notes are pretty standard – apples and smoke – they are very common for indie fall releases.

Yes, I know I’m a hard person to please. Too generic and safe = meh. Too much experimentation/unusual note pairings = ew.

Sixteen92; (every day is) halloween

And I dress this way just to keep them at bay
’cause Halloween is every day
– Ministry, (Every Day Is) Halloween

☾ Notes: An overflowing candy pail, the crunch of leather boots on fallen leaves, cold stones, damp air and a wisp of bonfire smoke ☽

Just looking at the notes listed above, you’d find this to be quite a strange scent – candy + leather + ‘ozone/smoke’ (?). Well, applied wet on my skin, the strongest note would be the candy, except it doesn’t really smell like candy. It’s more chocolate-y, like milky chocolate. The leather itself is a touch sweet, and it lurks weirdly in the background, feeling out of place in the whole composition. As the scent evolves, there is some smokiness, which reminds me of the tobacco leaf instead because of the whole sweet leathery musk.

I’m not sure what to feel about this scent, except it’s not really my thing. It just feels as though the notes are too random together, but hey, that’s just my conventional mainstream perfume mind rebelling against the weirdness of mixing leather and candy and earth notes together.

While the sillage is low to moderate, the lasting power of this one is 4 hours and above, which sucks if you don’t exactly enjoy the scent, heh.

sekai no owari – dragon night

Everybody has their own version of what’s just
Maybe war is something that is natural for us
But even the people that fill me with hate
Have their reasons to live their life that way

Dragon night: Tonight all of us will sing together like we’re best of friends
Moonlight, starry skies, fire birds,
Tonight let’s dance, everybody, until the sunrise

Today is the day when the sun sets on our home
Finally the night will come out to say hello, oh
The war that never ends continues for eternity
But tonight the fire burns to show that we’ve made peace

Everybody has their own version of what’s just
Maybe war is something that is natural for us
But the justice that I have come to believe in
Must be hurting others more than I can comprehend