Things I Love Thursday

Yeeeeah, I’m kind of on time this week??

– It was my brother’s birthday last weekend, so we went to eat Korean BBQ and also because his kid demanded it, we went for Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery as well. It was pretty fun, and well, it had been quite a while since we went out together, I guess.

– Because it’s the 5th week of the month, I don’t really have piano teaching this weekend! … Just need to do 2 make up lessons though, so that will take me about an hour, but I don’t have to wake up early!!! Omg, I can sleep in~ Plus, I can use the piano freely after lesson, which I usually take advantage of because my house doesn’t have air-conditioning in the living room, where my piano is located.

– My Fall 2015 & Halloween 2015 perfumes from Sixteen92 are here~ This order was from The Circle subscription, and it’s awesome that Claire has included the Halloween collection as an extra bonus, considering that the subscription was only going to cover seasonal releases.

Fall 2015 is based on songs with a spooky bent~ and man, I love the titles! :D Haven’t tried anything out yet, but the descriptions for Spellbound and Lucretia, My Reflection seem amazing and totally up my alley and into my front door. I’ll be reviewing them in September, since that’s where autumn starts, in my ‘stuck with only one boring summer season’ brain.

Halloween 2015 is based on the witches and dark ladies of myths and legends, totally fitting for Halloween~ Black Annis and Hecate might be my favourites of the lot, but I won’t know till I try them out. These will be reviewed in October, because Halloween month, duh.

– Oh, and did you notice the cute nendoroids~ I got a few more in the mail the other day. And when I say got them in the mail, I meant going down to the post office and collecting them myself and hauling a huge box home while hoping the train staff or the police won’t stop me because I’m carrying a suspicious bulky item. I don’t know why I bother choosing EMS delivery when no one will be home to accept the package anyway?! But luckily, my boss is kind enough to let me get to work late so that I can collect my mail and drop it off at home before heading to work.

Currently, I have 7 of them on-hand, pre-ordered 5 more and 1 is currently making its way over… yeah, I am developing a problem here, you guise.

– Decided to snag the Esplanade White Card because:
 Like, I actually do go to quite a number of concerts. Not as many as I’d like to, because while my body and mind is definitely willing, time and money are my foes.

I am planning to go for a couple of SIFA’s events though, mainly because c’mon, it’s Winterreise. I love it, and I studied Six Characters in Search of An Author for a literature module once, and I’d love to see it being played out.

And since we’re on the subject, STRATOVARIUS’ new album, Eternal is coming out next month, and I am in love with this new song, Shine in the Dark:

The chorus is definitely catchy and the entire song is easy to sing along, and idk what the long-time fans think, because I’m probably going to enjoy the new album.

Also, if I’m not wrong, Tarja’s classical album is also coming out in September! :D Call me biased, but I’m sure it will be ah-mazing and brilliant because holy smokes, this lady is the first voice I’ve heard in the symphonic metal genre, and I was hooked from the first time I heard her sing Ever Dream:

“All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you.
One I now have, will the other one ever dream remain.
For yours I truly wish to be.”


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